Morgan Carey’s non customized recipe for guaranteed ROI (beginner to intermediate)

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Are you a new to intermediate realtor / broker (or perhaps quite experienced but just late to the internet marketing game?) I'm writing this article for you.  Now most folks know REW (Real Estate Webmasters) for our super high end, custom projects and working with clients like Barbara Corcoran (Shark Tank) and Fredrik Eklund (Million Dollar Listing New York) as well as powering many of the top teams and franchises in the country.  This is what is known as our "elite / enterpr...

Route Your Leads The Easy Way With rewLeads

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We've released another new update to rewLeads Beta, our new lead management app, to our beta testers. Our main goal for this release was to make one of our favorite features even easier to use: rewLeads Auto-Routing. With Lead Auto-Routing, rewLeads can intelligently assign incoming leads to your agents according to custom rules that you create. For example, you can have residential leads over $800K go to a certain set of agents, while Seattle leads go to someone else. To get start...

Unplanned Outage 2017-February 21

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Hello REW Clients, REW has been experiencing an incident where a group of computers is generating a high level of traffic to some of our client websites. The servers remain operational, but the high traffic may cause the website to become unreachable. As a result some REW client websites may intermittently become unreachable. Our server team is diligently working with Rackspace to diagnose the source, and block this activity. We appreciate your patience as we continue to monitor and...

Saved Search Creation - Now Available in rewLeads

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The Mobile Development team at REW has been hard at work on our latest project - rewLeads. It's a fresh take on Lead Management, focusing specifically on mobile devices. It works alongside the existing REW Backend you already know and use on the web, but it's a standalone native app for your phone. It offers the best possible speed & ease of use, while taking advantage of platform-specific features like Push Notifications and iPad support on iOS. Since August of 2016, we've been invit...

Response To Rob - Role Of The Website In Real Estate

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It finally happened! I've been called out by Notorious Rob on his super entertaining, (sometimes controversial) blog - He asks: Honest Question: Role Of The Website In Real Estate.In his article Rob claims that based on his assumptions (most of which are completely incorrect, but I'm starting to think were created to bait me into responding) Rob states that he cannot find any use for a Real Estate Website in the typical "transaction life cycle". Let's start with the listing side: H...

Unplanned Outage 2017-January-03

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As of approximately 18:20 PST our service provider detected a DDoS attack and is currently working on mitigating it. This will have caused approximately 1/4th of our web to become unavailable resulting in inaccessible sites or 500s.    We are currently in contact with our service provider to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible, and I will update this post as more information becomes available.

Monthly statement billing - Change for the new year

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I'd like to announce a new billing process here at Real Estate Webmasters Inc for the new year. As of January 1st 2017, we will be rolling out a new monthly billing process for all custom (professional service) departments. What this means is this: We're eliminating variable / hard to track payment plans wherever possible Each month customers over 5 hours accumulated billing will receive an invoice for work that month (under 5 hours but not signed off will not receive invoices...

Getting Started With The NEW Elite Website

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Going Live With The REW Elite Website Congratulations on purchasing the new “Elite” site design from Real Estate Webmasters. You’ve taken the next step in becoming a rock star Realtor and we’re here to help! Getting your site from the development stage to live can look like a daunting task, but fear not I’m going to guide you through the steps for getting you live in no time! Here’s what I’ll cover: The Development Site The Elite Li...

12 Days Of Christmas Promo - Save Taxes, Huge Discounts, Fredrik Eklund and more!

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It's that time again folks! Real Estate Webmaster's 12 days of Christmas promotion! This promotion expired December 31st / 2016 With all the distraction recently I imagine most of us have not taken the time to complete our year ends, predict our tax bill or do strategic planning for 2017. It's year end, the elections over, and come December 31st most Realtors / Brokerages must have their business expenses in. Are you ready for it? Let us help! Most REW customers already know that...

Unplanned Outage 2016-October-09

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As of approximately 20:37 PST one of our 24 compute nodes has became unresponsive. This will have caused approximately 1/24th of our web and IDX servers to become unavailable resulting in inaccessible sites or 503s relating to IDX unavailability.   We are currently in contact with our service provider to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible, and I will update this post as more information becomes available. Update: 22:10 PST: All hosts and services are back up a...