I should get my Kentucky real estate license

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Five years going now I’ve been Realtor in Southwest Ohio with my business partner Marty Snyder, and we both buy and sell homes in a baker’s dozen counties and when our business takes us down south to the Cincinnati region we often hop over the Ohio River into Newport and Covington for some much needed down time. We both love the considerable dining options on the riverbanks and great views of the Queen City (Cincinnati) not to mention the huge entertainment factor in the Cinci...

Youth Adventures In Park City, Utah

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If you’re in need of some Park City activities to keep your kids entertained while you’re in town, or if you are seeking new adventures as a Park City parent, there is always plenty to do to keep them active and excited whether it’s snowing outside or warm and sunny. In the spring and summer Park City is a great place for kids to be in the great outdoors. A variety of parks are always available during the summer months including the skateboard park open to boarders a...

Results Are In - Do You Agree?

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I ran a very unscientific poll in Facebook recently asking people if the recent Trulia purchase by Zillow would impact whether they syndicate their listings or not.  This is by no means a truly representative sample but is interesting nonetheless.  As part of our ongoing dialogue on this topic let us know where you fall in terms of this question...are you with the majority on this?

Selling Your First Home

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Do you want to sell your home? If you do the following recommendations you will definitely impress more potential buyers. Of course, one of the most essential steps is to showcase your home in the best light possible. For some additional tricks you could keep on reading the following tips: Limit the risk of brisk customer dissatisfaction First impression should not be underestimated. You have to be sure that your garden is passing with flying colours. Remove the dead leaves and ...

Shopping for Real Estate by School Districts in Central Virginia

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It's an ongoing conundrum for professional real estate agents, when their clients ask them directly about the quality of the school districts serving the home for sale that they are viewing and consider to buy. The problem is, real estate agents are prohibited from commenting on the quality or the demographics of the school districts in the area, while customers are keenly interested in making sure that whichever house they buy is in the best school district in the area. So what is a Rea...

Broker/Team Technology Self Audit

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During my talk last week at the REW Summit, I mentioned the importance of doing an audit on your own broker or team technology.  If you are like most people your technology has been put into place over time and often module by module.  As a result, you may now have some core components that are great (like your REW products, of course ) but you may also have some modules that are dated, non-intuitive, expensive, slow, non-integrated, etc.   The paper that follows is a gui...

48% of Buyer Inquiries Aren't Responded To - Read More!

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My former partner Victor Lund did an outstanding study recently that showed what a poor job many agents are doing in responding to buyer leads.  The study, done with the Weichert lead network, looked at lead responsiveness in over 384 brokers across 11 states.  In the study, researchers posing as consumers contacted these brokers about listings on broker websites, Zillow, Realtor.com and Trulia.  The results are stunning and show how much potential their is agents to...

Zillow is buying Trulia? Now what?

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  It’s official, Zillow announced today that will buy Trulia, for $3.5 billion in stock.  The expected close date is sometime in 2015.  So what does this all mean for the rank and file real estate professionals from big brokers to individual agents?  We discussed this very possibility at the Real Estate Webmasters summit last week and several possible scenarios were shared as well as the overall impact that supporting Zillow and Trulia has on real estate busine...

Ways to Refresh a Home on a Budget

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Regardless of the person or home, people need to update their living situation along the journey. Change is necessary with anything in life, and with real estate, it’s no different. Improvements like full blown remodels and renovations are not in the ball park of everyone’s budget, so it’s important to get creative. Below I have listed ways that people can get their innovative glands flowing and update their home on a budget. Incorporate plants. Plants and flowers are...