REW Career Spotlight - PPC Consultants!

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We have a lot of exciting career opportunities at Real Estate Webmasters, and one of those opportunities is with PPC! I met with Anne Fortin (pictured), who is my co-team lead of Marketing and doubles as the PPC educator, to find out a little more about PPC careers at REW. MV: Hey Anne, so what exactly is PPC? AF: PPC is pay-per-click advertising. These are the ads that show up on Google, Facebook, and lots of other websites. The great thing about PPC is that advertisers only pay whe...

Index pages for Realtors - what you need to know for great SEO

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Before I get into recommendations for how to ensure and maximize indexing of pages (especially low value pages & IDX pages) I would like to clarify a few things. #1: Unless “specifically blocked” Google is able to index (store a copy of) any “built in” IDX system on the market. For a system to be “built in” it means that the IDX and website vendor reside on the same platform and a dynamic (data base driven) system is outputting pages that appear as &...

Post-Penguin Traffic: How To Increase Traffic After A Penguin Penalty

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We know a lot about what to do when a site is affected by a Penguin penalty or related algorithm update: clean up backlinks, remove as many unnatural links as possible, submit a disavow file and send in a reconsideration request. But then what? When a a penalty has been dealt with, a lot of webmasters expect to see their traffic jump back up and return to the previous levels. Unfortunately, the reality looks more like this: There's very little change. To understand why this is happe...


REW Charity Proposal: The Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada

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You’ve likely heard about Multiple Sclerosis (MS) before; you may even know someone with MS, but do you know what causes Canada’s most common neurological disease? The truth is, we do not know what causes MS. May is MS Awareness Month, and I can’t think of a better time for Real Estate Webmasters to show its community support (through its AMAZING charity initiative) for this important cause. This is my formal submission to REW to choose our local chapter of the MS Soci...

Infographics On REW Websites!

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Forget link submissions, quick tricks and schemes. SEO in 2014 is all about creating awesome, engaging content that is actually worth sharing. If you do enough of that, your site will be a hit. But that concept is easier said than done, and creating content that people love requires time, creativity and a huge dose of "out of the box" thinking. Two leaders of innovation with Real Estate Webmasters sites have already stepped up and embraced this new way of SEO thinking with one powerful ide...

REW's March Charity Winner: Nanaimo Child Development Centre (& Silly Boats!)

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We did it! Thanks to all of your support and votes, the Nanaimo Child Development Centre was chosen as March's charity through the REW charity initiative. Real Estate Webmasters is now a Gold Sponsor of the Nanaimo Child Development Centre and we'll be participating in the 30th Annual Silly Boat Regatta! Morgan and I presented the $3000 cheque yesterday morning to the NCDC's resource development coordinator, Michelle Kocourek, and executive director, Scott Bradford.  A Challenge For...

LEC 2014 Speed Improvements

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In the new LEC 2014 we've made some speed improvements in the backend to some of the lead pages. These improvements will also be available in 5.0. One of the tools we've used to increase speed is to reduce the amount of data stored in your database. Smaller databases need less RAM to run quickly and will perform better. The first optimization made is to store the History Events for Emails, Saved Listings and Viewed Listing in a more efficient fashion. Previously we stored the full email ...

It's REW's 10th Birthday! LEC 2014 Launch, New Premium site & very special promotion!

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Wow has it been 10 years already? I cannot believe how far we have come together. For those of you who are newer - a bit of a back story: A decade ago I started REW as a discussion forum for realtors interested in technology and marketing. I was the "SEO Guy" back then and I loved teaching this stuff (I still do). I had a few Realtor clients and ever since my involvement as a senior moderator SEO Chat I was addicted to community learning so I thought I would create a forum for us to intera...

Introducing LEC 2014

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After months of hard work and planning, REW is enormously excited (& proud!) to introduce you to LEC 2014. Aside from our a refined, responsive look and feel, we've packed in a slew of new features that are designed to make you stand out in your market and maximize your buyer and seller leads. Yours Alone LEC 2014 includes an area for a large masthead image that you can control---because this image is so prominent LECs can look widely different depending on the image colors and l...

Heartbleed SSL Vulnerability

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On Monday April 7th it was revealed that there is a vulnerability in a popular SSL package called OpenSSL. Full technical details can be found at The bug only affects very recent versions of openssl and only our cloud servers have a recent enough version of openssl to be affected. They have all now been patched. You can use this tool to check if your site is vulnerable (only if you actually have SSL for your site)