REW 12 Days of Christmas Promo 2015 - biggest promo of the year!

Morgan Carey posted this 1 11,125 Views

It's that time again, REW's biggest promotion and just in time to get those expenses in before the end of the year!  Every year for the last 5 or so years REW has had a post black Friday promotion titled the 12 days of Christmas. It is by far our most popular sale because it also happens to have all the greatest deals available at a time when many are finalizing their marketing plan for the up coming year and also needing to write off expenses to that marketing plan prior to the Dec ...

“The Psychology of Success” session at the REW Summit in Austin

Michael Audet posted this 1,383 Views

Whether you succeed or fail often has more to do with how you view an experience than your actual ability.  The world is full of high ability individuals that fail and those with less than impressive abilities that succeed.  Why does this happen? I have always been a student of success.  I am interested in understanding why some people get it and some miss it even though their abilities seem to be very equal.  I was talking with Morgan, who is totally into this as...

The wait is over! The brand new LEC (Limited Edition Custom) 2015 has arrived

REW Anton posted this 1,542 Views

  The LEC2015 is here and it is hands down our hottest yet! Not only did REW work closely with Realty Austin mastermind Jonathan Boatwright (the LEC 2015 is heavily influenced by the arguably most successful real estate website in the very competitive Austin, TX market), our R&D department has additionally put all its knowledge and effort into the development of our brand new LEC! Rest assured we made sure that no stone was left unturned and that we dotted all I’s and cross...


REW’s Trip to the Googleplex

REW Jacob posted this 3,388 Views

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Googleplex (Google HQ) in Mountain View, CA for the annual All-Stars Summit. The PPC team here at REW is an official Google AdWords Partner and with this comes the chance to take part in Google contests. This specific contest had the grand prize of a “trip for two to the Googleplex”. Morgan and I made the trip and we learned a bunch of valuable information all while having a great time!  Google flew us in on Sunday...

Important Product Notice - Legacy Email Hosting

REW Niki posted this 3,667 Views

Today we are announcing that as of December 31st 2015, the REW legacy hosted email platform will be retired. The hosted solution has served our customers well over the years. The goal of this transition is to ensure that you, our valued customer, have the latest technology and the best experience with our products and services. This is a part of our core focus to provide you with the latest technology and reliability and to invest in our clients' success. We will work to help our clients ...

REW Summit & LEC 2015 Promotion - Real Estate Webmasters Summer Promo

Morgan Carey posted this 5 21,766 Views

We just had an AWESOME SUMMIT in Nashville Before I get into the details of this promotion, I want to once again thank everyone who came out to the REW Summit in Nashville at the end of May. I had such an amazing time, and as always learned far more from you than I could ever hope to teach. The speakers were great, the company was great, the after party was great - I mean it was just awesome, would you agree? Would love for you to share your favourite moments in the comments below.  ...

LEC 2015 is here! Inspired by REW's best performing fully custom website.

Morgan Carey posted this 5,989 Views

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - while that may be true, in the world of custom websites (especially at REW) when we design a complete custom solution - we protect its unique design against any form of copying - it's just one of the many ways we stand out compared to other firms. Could we copy our custom designs? (of course we could, we own them) but we never do because we know our customers are paying top dollar to have us make something truly unique - and we want to m...

Post-Nashville Summit PPC Promotion

REW Anne posted this 3,320 Views

Last week I had the privilege of attending the REW Summit in Nashville as a speaker. This opportunity allowed me to not only to connect with our clients and share some of my favourite advanced PPC tips, but also launch a new summer promotion for REW’s AdWords, Bing/Yahoo, and Facebook services. Did you know that each of these services is now only $300/month for management, plus more savings for bundles? In addition, here’s the promotion I’m running, available until June 30t...

FMLS® to offer Sold Data through IDX starting May 13th, 2015!

REW Nick posted this 2,746 Views

Exciting news, everyone! AND it's Friday! FMLS (First Multiple Listing Service) has recently announced that effective May 13, 2015, sold listings up to three years back, will be included in all of their IDX feeds. If you're a member of FMLS with a Real Estate Webmasters website & integrated IDX and are interested in displaying Sold Data, please proceed to our Ordering New Work page for further instructions.

Mobilegeddon for real estate is here! Websites forecast to drop from SERPS April 21st

Morgan Carey posted this 3 5,399 Views

Tomorrow is April 21st, 2015 which is the date Google has announced for their new algorithm aimed at improving user experience for mobile searches. A few weeks ago I wrote a quick blog post on how to test for mobile friendliness and what to do if your website is NOT mobile friendly and gets hit by "Mobilegeddon" - you can read that blog post here. In case you missed it: Website Mobile Testing If you missed the last update on how to test your website for mobile, you can visit https...