Unplanned outage 2016-June-16

REW Ebenezer Muthiah posted this 1,154 Views

We had an outage for about one hour between 23:00 to 00:00. We were able to restore all services and are working with our vendor Rackspace to find the root cause of this outage. Thanks

Advantages to upgrading your server resources

Morgan Carey posted this 2,381 Views

As most of you already know, July 1st REW is increasing it's pricing for both labor costs and servers. However, as you likely also know - we are providing the option for ALL existing customers to "lock in" the current retail rates for both labor and hosting for 2 years on regular hosting, and up to 3 years on dedicated and super dedicated hosting. During this process we are reaching out to customers to let them know about the changes and also to go over options and the one thing that has com...

Customers using Gmail through the REW backend

REW Craig Hashimoto posted this 3 1,487 Views

One of Real Estate Webmasters’ top priorities is customer success and we understand that in the real estate business, email is an important tool you use. This is why we are informing you of a change that Gmail is making that may impact you. Effective June 2016, Gmail will be changing its DMARC policy from "none" to "reject". This means that emails sent through Gmail from anything other than Gmail’s own infrastructure may be rejected. The impact to you is that any emails, sent ...

Unplanned Outage 2016-May-03

REW Wade posted this 1,221 Views

As of approximately 18:20 PST one of our 24 compute nodes has became unresponsive. This will have caused apporximately 1/24th of our web and IDX servers to become unavailable resulting in inaccessible sites or 503s relating to IDX unavailability. We are currently in contact with our service provider to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible, and I will update this post as more information becomes available. Updates: 20:00 PST: The node has rebooted and we've tested a few ...

Innovation and Luggage - one of REW's CORE values explained

Morgan Carey posted this 1,959 Views

At Real Estate Webmasters Inc we have 3 Core Values:  Customer Success : Innovation : Always Be Awesome. These values are critical to our mission and our culture. Recently the management team has asked me to articulate and communicate these values for our staff for a new internal feedback tool we're working on.  While taking on innovation - I realized that, while the basic definition is easy to grasp - "real life" application of the value is not as apparent to those wh...

Wondering what happened to your side ads on Google? Don't worry, everything is going to be OK.

REW Anne posted this 1,805 Views

On February 19th it was confirmed that the side ads on Google’s right-rail were disappearing. Though it might have come as a shock for many advertisers, Google started testing this as far back as 2010. Now that side ads (positions 4 through 8) are a thing of the past, here is what you need to know: Now there are 4 top ads! Instead the first 3 positions being shown above the organic results, Google is giving advertisers one more chance at being listed in that top section. ...


REW 12 Days of Christmas Promo 2015 - biggest promo of the year!

Morgan Carey posted this 1 11,667 Views

It's that time again, REW's biggest promotion and just in time to get those expenses in before the end of the year!  Every year for the last 5 or so years REW has had a post black Friday promotion titled the 12 days of Christmas. It is by far our most popular sale because it also happens to have all the greatest deals available at a time when many are finalizing their marketing plan for the up coming year and also needing to write off expenses to that marketing plan prior to the Dec ...

“The Psychology of Success” session at the REW Summit in Austin

Michael Audet posted this 1,809 Views

Whether you succeed or fail often has more to do with how you view an experience than your actual ability.  The world is full of high ability individuals that fail and those with less than impressive abilities that succeed.  Why does this happen? I have always been a student of success.  I am interested in understanding why some people get it and some miss it even though their abilities seem to be very equal.  I was talking with Morgan, who is totally into this as...

The wait is over! The brand new LEC (Limited Edition Custom) 2015 has arrived

REW Anton posted this 1,958 Views

  The LEC2015 is here and it is hands down our hottest yet! Not only did REW work closely with Realty Austin mastermind Jonathan Boatwright (the LEC 2015 is heavily influenced by the arguably most successful real estate website in the very competitive Austin, TX market), our R&D department has additionally put all its knowledge and effort into the development of our brand new LEC! Rest assured we made sure that no stone was left unturned and that we dotted all I’s and cross...


REW’s Trip to the Googleplex

REW Jacob posted this 3,810 Views

This past week I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Googleplex (Google HQ) in Mountain View, CA for the annual All-Stars Summit. The PPC team here at REW is an official Google AdWords Partner and with this comes the chance to take part in Google contests. This specific contest had the grand prize of a “trip for two to the Googleplex”. Morgan and I made the trip and we learned a bunch of valuable information all while having a great time!  Google flew us in on Sunday...