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Park City Hot Air Balloon Adventures

Karin Gage Park City posted this 182 Views

If you’ve always wondered what a hot air balloon ride is like and you’ve always wanted to visit Park City, might as well combine the two together and enjoy Park City from 6,000 feet in the air with a hot air balloon ride for two or with your whole family. Park City offers many unique adventures for enjoying the grand outdoors and hot air ballooning provides memories you won’t soon forget. There are several hot air balloon companies in Utah, many of which operate all yea...

5 Natural Tile Cleaning Remedies

JaneWilson911 posted this 177 Views

The tile flooring is the preferred coverage for most people, no matter where in the world they are located. The tile flooring definitely offers many kinds of options, which are just not available with the other floor types. There are many types of tile flooring, some of which are made from natural stones and some from artificial materials, but they all have their own appealing, which makes us choose them for our homes. But the tiles also require some maintenance in order to keep their gl...

St. Johns is Top County in Florida according to New York Times

Carey Frankel posted this 170 Views

  New York Times Ranking of Counties in Florida The New York Times examined every county in the United States according to 6 criteria. When they finished they review of Florida they found that St. Johns County had the best results in all of Florida!

Is Richmond VA a Dream Town for Commuters?

belinne posted this 154 Views

We often hear horror stories about the ridiculously long commutes that people living in some areas around the country have to endure. The classics include the San Francisco Bay area, Denver, Boston, and the Washington DC area. Having lived in San Francisco and Washington DC, I can attest that there are indeed people that commute for more than 90 minutes each way everyday in those towns. Those are clearly the extremes, which would drive (pardon the pun) most people to buy a home for sale ...

The Most Useful Tips To Clean Your Gutters

Nathan Hutt posted this 167 Views

It is safe to say that gutters and downpipes are the most neglected part of every house. Clogged gutters are almost invisible and no one really pays attention to them. That is until the heavy rains begin. Then the headaches start and you come to realise the true importance of this seemingly insignificant part of the drainage system of your house. Take my word for it, I live in Melbourne and last May I was badly surprised by the downpour. The results? Mould, lots of it, all god-created cre...

SEO & Marketing Tips From The Pros

Michael Audet posted this 2 555 Views

Over the last few weeks, since joining Real Estate Webmasters (REW), I have had the chance to see successful SEO (search engine optimization) in action, as I have had the opportunity to hang out with some truly great real estate professionals as well as the SEO specialists in REW. Comparing a truly optimized SEO process to what most people might do in our business is like looking at the difference between a professional golfer and the weekend golfer. They just don't compare. In this artic...

5% Cut to BAH on the Table, how will this affect those of us at Fort Meade?

Fortmeadehomes posted this 179 Views

How will Military basic housing allowance cuts affect us here in Fort Meade?  Keep reading to find out! The Pentagon is considering a bill that cuts BAH rates as a way to find continued savings within the Defense Department.  The House of Representatives have passed the bill, and the bill is currently on the Senate calendar. Typically the rate does fluctuate each year, based upon factors such as supply and demand, family sizes, income and things that directly affect one&...

SEO Strategies In 2014: From House To Home

REW Emily posted this 211 Views

You’ve created a website, social media profiles, you’ve hired our SEO department to ensure your content is as search-engine and user friendly as it can get. Now it’s time to sit back and wait for the leads… right? While this is a nice theory, SEO isn’t just about utilizing the traditional online tools anymore. It’s also about being perennially creative and actively engaged in developing your own personal brand. A house is just a property once ...

AFCI’s, Cause and effect in older housing stocks.

NCWHomeInspections posted this 172 Views

AFCI’s, Cause and effect in older housing stocks.                     Wenatchee Home Inspection   With the the 2014 NEC adoption on July 1 in Washington State AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection is being expanded. It is best to say if it is not a bathroom or attached garage it should be AFCI protected.   (AFCI Receptacle)   Washington Stat...