Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve in Richland Washington

Spoken Gently posted this 2,159 Views

For those who love the beauty of the outdoors and outdoor natural attractions, Richland Washington, situated in the Tri-Cities area near the famous Columbia River, offers tourists as well as the city’s lucky real estate owners the opportunity to enjoy many natural wonders, including the Arid Lands Ecology Reserve, the Hanford Reach (including the renowned Hanford Reach National Monument), the Yakima River delta, and the Badger Mountain Centennial Preserve. The Badger Mountain Centennial P...

101 Things to do at the Beach - Orange Beach that is!

thataway61 posted this 1,713 Views

101 Things to do at the Beach - Orange Beach and Gulf Shores that is! A list of things you must try when visiting the Alabama Gulf Coast - So you are beginning to wonder just what it looks like on an Alabama Beach - check out Brent Burns "Down in Paradise" video and you'll figure out how Jimmy Buffett got so laid back!

Marin Home Designers Showcase

Marin posted this 1 1,765 Views

What do you get when you combine thirty of the best interior design and landscape design professionals under one roof?    If you live in Marin County, California, you get a 6,500 square foot residence which showcases some of the most talented home designers in the San Francisco Bay Area. The annual 2007 Marin Designers Showcase is a fund raising event to benefit the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership.     This years event will feature the works...

Prudential California Realty and it's Bay Area roots........

Oakland Ca Real Estate posted this 1 941 Views

Prudential California Realty certainly has an interesting history, which is directly connected to the Bay Area. The history dates back to 1887, when Prudential California Realty was founded by Joseph Mason, who was later joined by Duncan Mcduffie, hence the name Mason-Mcduffie which was the original parent company. There is an interesting connection between Duncan Mcduffie and the Bay Area, because Mcduffie was a real estate developer who is responsible for the St. Francis Wood residenti...

MRIS Allows SOLD Listings in IDX

MLS Update posted this 1,264 Views

In their Quarterly Brokers' Update, Volume 3 September 2007, MRIS announced the ability for Brokers to display all and agents to display their own Sold Listings from the RETS data feed on their websites. There are a few rules as I will transcribe the full announcement: "Listings Available for Display on Broker Web Sites We all know that the Internet has changed the way we do business Information that once was only available through printed MLS books is now widely available to the p...

7 Feng Shui Home Staging Tips for Home Selling

Spoken Gently posted this 1 6,008 Views writes about feng shui: Feng Shui (meaning Wind and Water in Chinese) is the ancient art of placement to promote harmony, wealth, success and health. Feng Shui deals with the location and architecture of buildings, along with interior design and exterior landscaping. A working knowledge of Feng Shui may even help in home selling and home buying in today's multicultural world. When considering feng shui in your home staging strategy, consider these 7 feng shui home st...

What is Feng Shui | 8 Feng Shui Real Estate Considerations

Spoken Gently posted this 1,276 Views

The belief in feng shui real estate selling/buying tactics are unconventional, however, some swear by them. Feng shui real estate practices consist of ridding a home of it's negative energies and aligning the home towards positive elements. Wikipedia on feng shui: "The Law of Heaven and Earth." Today's Feng Shui schools teach that it is the ancient Chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment. As a real estate agent, bel...

Top Selling Abacoa Homes & Condos For Sale

DavidAbernathy posted this 1,959 Views

Abacoa Real Estate -  Top Communities What is Abacoa ? Abacoa is a 2,000 plus acre master community.  It is home to the Roger Dean Baseball Park - home to the Florida Marlins and St. Luis Cardinals Spring Training Camps.  The Abacoa Towncenter is centrally located in Abacoa as a mixed use area with a business and restaurant area on the ground and condos above. There is also the Abacoa Golf Course located just to the west of&nbs...

Best Selling Jupiter Florida Homes Communities

DavidAbernathy posted this 1,418 Views

Jupiter Luxury Homes Sales - Top Communities One thing that we do for our clients is provide them analysis of the market areas that our team serves.  At the end of August we reviewed the top selling luxury communities in Jupiter Florida. And the top selling communities include: Jupiter Farms - (87 sold by 9/10/2007) Jupiter Farms has 161 properties currently active on the RMLS system.  Prices range from $199,000 to $2,700,000.  The average days on the market ...

Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival

thataway61 posted this 1,679 Views

The 2007 Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival is November 8th through the 18th and will feature artists from all over the country playing their original blues, rock, folk, and country compositions. The question is who is Frank Brown?  Hint - "he wore a pair of matched revolvers, slung low, but he didn't have to use them".  Find out about the legendary Frank Brown here. The artists will play in local venues in Perdido Key, Orange Beach, and Gulf Shores and ...

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