23rd Annual Sausalito Floating Homes Tour

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I’ve always found home and garden tours to be fascinating.  I suppose that getting a little glimpse into how other people decorate their homes, tend their gardens, and live their lives gives me some sort of vicarious pleasure.  On September 29 Sausalito will host its 23rd Annual Floating Home Tour, which will provide a fascinating look into a unique lifestyle – and I, for one, am looking forward to it with great anticipation. Sausalito has long been a thriving artist...

Using Digital Signatures

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I think signatures are a great tool for real estate agents. I train my agents to use them as a method of response to an otherwise daunting task of replying to large volumes of website leads (thanks to REW). Our email system (Outlook on an in-house Exchange server) has the capability of creating several signatures per email account. With this feature we have our agents create several signatures with canned response content based on the most common requests for information we recieve via th...

Gulf Coast Blog Widget

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Be sure to click on the menu button to see that it has 3 different feeds - one from my website, one from Active Rain, and one from REW.  Be sure to check out the options button too at the bottom of the widget! Get this widget!

Successful Real Estate Website Considerations

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Increasing competition in the real estate industry and a large number of net-friendly users, make it important for every business to have a web presence. A website will help you reach out to potential clients 24x7x365—i.e. even when you are asleep! But it is not enough to host a website and wait for clients to come knocking on your door. A lot goes into ensuring that a website gets you ‘real’ business. If you are spending time and money on designing a website, make sure you do it sensibly. ...

New Florida Law Raises Roof Replacement Costs

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Beginning October 1, the costs to replace a roof in Florida are expected to rise by at least 25% - and even more if you live in a coastal community. The increase in cost is due to a new law the state Legislature passed in May that increases the building code requirements to help strengthen homes against hurricanes. Experts agree that adding such new protections can only help, but builders, consumers and insurance companies are seeking clarity. Liability issues and insurance discounts top ...

Piney Orchard Real Estate our recent home sales

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Listed below are our recent Piney Orchard home sales to give you a summary of the real estate market activity.    Additional photos and information on these homes are available at www.PineyOrchardHomes.com or e-mail us for a free market value analysis of your Piney Orchard home.   This Piney Orchard Single Family home was for sale at $509,900 and sold in 49 days on the market for $500,000 with $5,000 in closing help to the homebuyer.  We are seein...

Fort Meade - Destination Maryland Event

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We had a fabulous time at the Fort Meade Destination Maryland event on September 21st.  Lots and lots of military members and families were out and about and we had literally hundreds of visitors and new BRAC movers to our www.FortMeadeHomes.com display which included information on homes for sale and homes for rent near Fort Meade.  We had the whole Fort Meade Homes Team on-site with live MLS access to all the local listings of homes for sale and homes for rent...

How to Read a HUD-1 - Sellers

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I realized the other day as I was reviewing a HUD-1 or Settlement Statement with a client of mine, that while I take the ability to scan one of these for inaccuracies, errant charges, or omissions, that many intelligent people don’t know how to read one.  I have set out to go through it line by line in simple English so people know what they are looking at.  This article will cover the seller’s side of the transaction and I will follow up with another article f...

Austin's Job Market Continues to Expand in Contrast to the National Job Market

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Austin job stats were released showing Austin to have strongest job market in 6 years. The demand for labor is outstripping the local labor supply. The last time Austin saw such low unemployment was during the tech boom. The job growth has stayed above 4 percent for the last year. This is in sharp contrast to the rest of the nation. Since August 2006, the area has seen job growth of 29,500 jobs. Over the same time period, the nation saw a decrease of 4,000 jobs --the first decrease i...

2009 Applooza Richland Washington at Liberty Christian of the Tri Cities

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This year's Apploosa at Liberty Christian is Saturday, September 26th, 2009 from 10am to 5pm. For several years Tri Cities Liberty Christian School has organized Appaloosa to garner funds for the children's programs at Liberty Christian. Come join the fun as there will be food, games, entertainment, and you can meet the Mr. and Miss. Apploosa of each class! Among the many activities, you can Rent-A-Kid, pick lollipops from a lollipop tree, get a Country Photo, spray crazy at the crazy spr...