It's a Buyers Market - Where are the Buyers?

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The sales in 2007 started off higher in Alpharetta than they were for the same time period of 2006, but, have been declining every month since April. the question is when will we reach the bottom. It's clear that we are in a buyers market in that buyers definitely have the upper hand in negotiations, but, buyers are still sitting on the sidelines, waiting for the right opportunity. So really, when is the right time to buy? The answer should be quite clear and the statistics indicate that ...

Sell Your Northville Michigan Real Estate For More NOW vs. Waiting and Selling For Less

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  The Sooner You Sell, The More Money You Net In Michigan this time of the year the weather starts to change as fall is coming to an end, and winter is about to set in.  Michigan home sellers commonly tell me they want to wait until spring to put their house back on the market.  Or they tell me they want to wait until after the holidays.  My office is in Northville, Michigan, so I have the chance to talk to a lot of sellers in the Northville Real Estate market. H...

Panama City Fl Real Estate - Market Update

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Not all the news you see in the media about the terrible state of the real estate market applies to all areas. Let me explain... Yesterday, I was posting my updated Real Estate Market Information for the month of October in Panama City Florida and I noticed some good news! The Condominium market made significant gains last month in Bay County: (The information presented here is provided by BCAR MLS and is not guaranteed) &...

Mira Mesa Homes and Condo (San Diego)

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Mira Mesa is probably the best bang for your buck community in San Diego.  You can buy a single family under $450,000 or even a condo under $200,000.  So what about the location you ask...well you are only about 15-20 minutes drive (depending on traffic) to the beaches, downtown, Petco Park, Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park and Sea World.  Not only that, the Mira Mesa neighborhood has great restaurants, parks, shopping and convenience stores.  As for schoo...

Federal Court Blocks HUD Ruling Prohibiting Down Payment Assistance Programs

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A U. S. District Judge issued a temporary order yesterday blocking HUD's new rule prohibiting the use of seller-financed mortgage down-payment assistance programs. Such programs allow non-profit organizations, like AmeriDream and Nehemiah, to help buyers with down payments and be reimbursed by the seller. HUD, the IRS, and the Government Accountability Office had questioned the value of these programs, noting that "borrowers who used them were more than twice as likely to default on their mo...

Panama City Florida - We're Open for Business

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The "Groundbreaking" ceremony of the New Panama City Florida International Airport today was very possibly the greatest day in the history of Panama City Florida, depending of course on your personal view of the airport. For me, it was an opportunity to be associated with a new begining. There will no doubt be many many articles in the media over the next several days, so I'll omit some of the political references and move right to the event. The event saw attendees from ...

A Sweet Deal @ $88,000 each

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Willy Wonka look out! Great turnkey operations just in time for the Christmas season. The Hammond Bay Fudge Company is the number one stop for luxury chocolates, sugar free chocolate and fudge! It operates at two great locations with lots of public traffic. Positive sales stream with strong growth potential. Business for sale only.

Earthquake!!!!!! Bay Area Gets a Nice shake from a 5.3 Magnitude Quake

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We had an earthquake yesterday which was one of the largest we had since the Loma Prieta quake in 89. This one was 5.2 magnitude, and it lasted at least 15-20 seconds, unlike some we've had that were short jolts. It was centered near San Jose, about a 30 minute drive from Oakland. There was a basketball game going on at the Oakland Arena when the quake hit, and people watching the game reported seeing the whole complex rock from side to side! Luckily there were no injuries or major damag...

Fed Cuts Rates Another .25% To 4.5%

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Although it's Halloween today, this is no trick. In fact, it's more of a treat for consumers who like cheap money. After cutting the short term interest rate .50% in September, the Fed went ahead and posted another interest rate cut of 0.25%. The federal funds rate is an overnight lending rate for banks which impacts among other things what consumers pay on credit card debt, home equity lines of credit , and auto loans. This is great news for consumers, but it does not necessarily af...

Testing the power of REW Blogs

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This is just a test of the power of REW blogs to get a new website indexed. These  websites were created for friends of my broker who have a home in Park City Utah that they would like to rent out during the Sundance Film Festival. I actually purchased two different domain names for these sites.  and  rentparkcityutah. com As of 10 minutes ago neither site was indexed on Google.  Oct 31 2007 5:28pm   I'm trying two different me...