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Lake St Charles Homes Riverview

brandonre posted this 1,486 Views

Lake St Charles Community Riverview Florida Home Price Range $190,000- $389,900 Single Family Homes Square Foot Range 1200-3400 Year Built 1996-2005 HOA Fees (Approx) $75/Annual CDD Community  Yes Varies Community Features: Search all the Lake St Charles Homes Riverview for sale. Schools Elementary    Riverview Middle          Guinta High School   Spoto Riverview  Florida Schools&nbs...

Improving Your Credit Score and Saving for a Down Payment

Calum posted this 896 Views

Given the current state of the mortgage industry, the days of no money down and poor credit loans are all but gone. With that in mind I just completed a series of good articles on my Tampa Real Estate Blog with information on building your credit score and saving for a down payment. The first article, The Credit Fixer Upper – 6 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score, provides practical advice on how to improve a poor credit score. Learn how to get a free copy of your credit report, ...

The Louisville Real Estate market and Yellow Journalism

Eric Blackwell posted this 3 1,766 Views

"Yellow journalism" was a phrase coined in the 1800's to describe the press taking liberties and pushing their own views on the people. And when they did not like someone or their point of view, simply running a smear campaign was what happened. In my opinion, the Louisville real estate market is suffering somewhat from visit back to those dark days.How else do you describe the onslaught of real estate articles promoting doom and gloom. The Courier-Journal has been a veritable ne...

Louisville Rentals and Real Estate Investing- TIME TO BUY

Eric Blackwell posted this 1,460 Views

The Louisville rental market is getting ready to ROLL. Why do I say that? Think about it. Over the last few years, whoever wanted a house (and had a pulse could buy one. With the changes in the loan market, we now are in a position where many otherwise decent people now can no longer buy their own home. For those with cash and good credit, it's TIME TO BUY, PEOPLE! What are we seeing? GREAT deals on the market. Homes that will ACTUALLY cash flow and less and less folks to buy them. ...

Caught a Salmon and Cooked It For Breakfast, Then Polished It Off With A Richland Spudnut

Spoken Gently posted this 1 3,638 Views

Yup, I went to the end of my backyard this morning, threw a spinner in the Columbia River, and caught a small Salmon. Brought it in, cleaned it, and ate er for breakfast. Salmon doesn't get any fresher than freshly caught in the back yard! We live on the Columbia River and Salmon run throughout most of the year, however, there are a few periods in the year where the "salmon are running." Right now is one of those times. I wake up in the morning and see them coming to the surface for their mo...

Body Language - Can We Get Carried Away With the Rules

escapeso posted this 980 Views

Smile. Look them in the eye. Don’t cross your arms. Don’t get too close.  Use their body language. Don’t blink too much. Everyone has something to say about how you present yourself. But sometimes I wonder if we can go to far. I wonder if they don’t sometimes wonder if the guy looking them directly in the eye the whole time is well a little scary. If the the guy who smiles so much maybe just doesn’t have enough of a clue to know when he shouldn’...

Towne Lake, Woodstock's Premier Address

Louise Scoggins posted this 1,647 Views

Towne Lake in Woodstock, GA What a place to call home! Towne Lake in Woodstock, GA is a picturesque master-planned development, where the idea is “live, work, play” all within Towne Lake. It is located off I-575 in Cherokee County, just a few miles north of the Cobb / Cherokee County line and most easily accessed by Exit 8 on 575. A charming combination of tree-lined communities and commercial necessities makes the Towne Lake area Cherokee County’s most affluent address....

47 Trust Points For Websites or Blogs | Real Estate SEO Lists

Spoken Gently posted this 1 3,562 Views

I found a pretty darn good list of 47 points to consider for building a website or blog. The article is written by Miles Galliford and titled 47 Simple Ways to Build Trust in Your Website or Blog. A lot of points to consider, however, the good news is your competitor will most likely not consider these points. While on the subject of lists, here are a few favorite SEO list I've used from time to time for our real estate website: 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity | 106 Content Idea For Rea...

A Good Foundation Makes a Good Home

Michael Peterson posted this 828 Views

A house foundation must be designed and constructed to carry the house load as well as protect against external forces. Besides supporting the weight of the house it acts as a retaining wall to hold back those forces of soil and water. The foundation wall itself must be strong to withstand this external force or it will crack and shift. When a wall is overloaded from pressure such as frost heave, saturated soil, improper back filling, or other conditions, it can move laterally and bow inward...

Fort Meade - Severn - Odenton Gambrills area new homes development

Fortmeadehomes posted this 3,519 Views

The Fort Meade real estate community is abuzz with BRAC talk.  But, interestingly enough, everyone seems to be a bit confused about numbers of new households versus jobs, when folks will be arriving, where they will be distributed throughout Maryland and most importantly what impact these BRAC newcomers will have on the Fort Meade area and Anne Arundel county housing market.   I've done some digging on the Internet and here's what I've come up with.   ...