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Woodbury Junction Ignorance - Orange County, NY

Morgan Carey posted this 17 11,046 Views

I was talking with some friends the other day regarding a new Gated Community called Woodbury Junction in Orange County, New York and one of them mentioned that they "heard" (And I am only repeating what they "heard" I do not know if it is true or not) - that the sales manager of the Woodbury community was emailing real estate agents who were (well within their rights) reporting about this exciting new community, telling them that they are not allowed to write about the co...


The Benefits of the 15 Year Loan

escapeso posted this 938 Views

Recently people have been interested in a lot of the more exotic loan programs from no interest loans to negative amortization.  There has been some negatives associated with these loans with the changes in the mortgage industry.  So I wanted to take some time to talk about the almost forgotten 15 year loan.  Some people see the 15 year loan as drab and boring compared to all the fancy loans out there, but there are a lot of benefits of the 15 year fixed-rate loan. For one,...

City of Canton, GA

Louise Scoggins posted this 1,866 Views

City of Canton, GA “Where Metro Meets the Mountains” is the fitting slogan of Cherokee County, with Canton being the heart of the growing part of Atlanta. Located about 40 miles north of downtown Atlanta, Canton offers the best of both worlds to her townsmen. From rural country areas, to the peaceful Blue Ridge Mountain foothills, to the lively metropolis of Riverstone Parkway, Canton has a little bit of everything to keep everyone happy. Canton offers both fine and casual...

San Joaquin County Sellers Have an Uphill Battle

Oakland Ca Real Estate posted this 854 Views

Imagine trying to sell your home in a town where industry analysts believe the inventory currently available could take five years to deplete. This is what is being reported from the Central Valley. The problem is that the pace of homebuilding in the Central Valley kept steady over the past couple of years even though sales were slowing. This has led to a five year supply of homes in the city of Stockton, great news for buyers but not so good for sellers. It is expected that pri...

5 Tips for RE Agents Seeking Free, Contagious Publicity (Part 1)

Marin posted this 690 Views

Would having your name featured in the local newspaper as a real estate professional help your business?  Would you benefit from a national article or television show which positions you as a leading resource in your marketplace? The good news is that this type of recognition is available for free IF you know how to separate yourself from the herd by offering value and knowledge that goes beyond what other real estate agents can offer.  Do this and you will find writers, publishe...

Quit Claim Deeds Don't Work (& Neither Do Land Trusts)

David Phillips posted this 3,732 Views

This can best sum up this entire article, “if you don’t pay your mortgage, you will lose your home.”  That’s pretty much it.  Sorry.  If you are in need of help, please read on.  This should at least be a good start on what NOT to do and might even help prevent you from slipping even further into debt.   Understand that there are several scams out there looking to take the very last dollar in your wallet, while promising to s...

Pre & free recorded message for Realtors & real estate agents ringcentral

ericbadgley posted this 2 3,843 Views

I have recently come across an inexpensive way for realtors to advertise listings using a pre-recorded message on your website for as little as $15 a month. Compare that price to the average $50 a month offered by most companies, the savings are just pure logic. The company offering this service is Ring Central; they offer much more than just a pre-recorded message. Packages include a toll free 800 number, fax line that can be tied into your email accounts, virtual extensions and more. ...

Fort Meade BRAC Update - 9/7/07

Fortmeadehomes posted this 1,653 Views

Workforce development needed to handle BRAC jobs By JOSHUA STEWART, Staff Writer CAPITAL NEWSPAPER Published September 07, 2007 As tens of thousands of high-tech jobs come to Maryland, state and federal officials are trying to ensure that enough local workers will be available to fill the positions. The 2005 Base Realignment and Closure process is set to bring an estimated 60,000 new jobs to the state. But Maryland's work force needs to be ready to capitalize on the opportunity, off...

Fancy First Letter For Real Estate Blogging | Real Estate Blog Text Formatting

Spoken Gently posted this 5 7,370 Views

Fancy first letters are an easy way to add the effect of an image to your blog. I'll show you how to include a fancy first letter like the one I've have done to start this blog off. Let's start with some Lorem Ipsum text, then I will show you the code. Here's our example: Maecenas convallis tristique erat. Suspendisse potenti. Aenean eu erat. Nulla facilisi. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ...

Piney Orchard Mortgage News - FHA Adjustable Rate "Bail Out"?

PineyOrchardHomes posted this 2,426 Views

We are only seeing a few foreclosures/bank owned properties in Piney Orchard so far, but chances are within the next 18 months we will see many more as adjustable rate mortgages kick-in.  Now that market values for Piney Orchard real estate have dropped properties are not as easily refinanced.  The reason being that homebuyers who have purchased with 100% financing after 2005 have actually seen a decrease in value. Therefore, it's difficult to refinance the full amount for those bo...