Why no photos - Jupiter Real Estate Listings

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This weekend several things happened to bring the issue of agents utilizing professional quality photos on there Palm Beach County listings. First, I have been busy most of the weekend implementing the new custom IDX that provides the best display of property for prospective buyers that come and visit my website.  I am investing the time to create may of the Jupiter Golf Course, Jupiter Waterfront, and Jupiter Oceanfront communities listings by sub-division and pages that help pe...

Fall for Greenville 2007

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Fall For Greenville 07 Has Another Great Turn Out!     For those who do not know, Fall For Greenville is an annual event where downtown Greenville closes off Main Street and Restaurants set up tents and serve food for every taste and preference imaginable.   Live bands play, there are games, rides, contests, and of course plenty of food and beverages. Admission is totally free and tickets for food and beverages are 5.00 dollars per sheet.   Most serving...

Google Sent My First Check

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Wow this week I actually got my first check from google!  It was just over $100.00.  Thank you google!  It's really kind of funny though since over the years we have paid you more money than I want to say out loud.  Regardless, though, also over the years we have learned how to work hard on our website development strategy to rank naturally in your search engine results -- and I am happy to say that we no longer pay you anything. You pay us now ~ what a concept.

Recent Study Reveals Major Confusion Over Home Insurance Loss Coverage

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A recent study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners shows many homeowners are still confused about exactly what types of losses their homeowner insurance policies cover. The results are actually quite surprising and show the need for homeowners to take better care in understanding what they are getting when taking out their coverage. Making assumptions, or not clarifying exactly what types of losses are covered, can cost you dearly when disaster strikes. The survey found ...


Things NOT to do or have when Selling your home!

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The overall Rule is not to be known by the agents who sell your home as, "the bird house", "the barking dog house" or worse "the smelly house"!  So here are some obvious or not so obvious suggestions to not turn off a buyer to your home! 1.) If you are having an Open house, do not hang around.  Go to the movies or shopping or something.  We need to let the buyers feel like they own the home.  As a realtor, I want to hear feedback like ...

Making the most of your mortgage payments

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Last week I discussed the rather provocative program that American Express has implemented allowing homeowners to put their monthly payments on their AmEx card.  Other credit card companies are coming up with some pretty clever reward schemes as well.  As a realtor affiliated with Keller Williams in Marin, I see many of my clients take on some pretty substantial mortgages and am always interested in ways to help them maximize their mortgage dollars. One that intrigues me is Citiban...

Intown Atlanta Open Houses - You've Never Seen it Like This!

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Open houses in the Intown Atlanta condo market can be hard to find and even more difficult to visit because of parking and a lack of easy access to view the available condos. Not this time and not next weekend. Next Saturday, October 20th from 2 - 5 p.m.at The Art Foundry at Atlantic Station in Midtown Atlanta will be your chance to get out and see what the Intown Atlanta lifestyle is all about. Agents representing about 20 sellers have collaborated on a one day one time event to show...

Halle Plantation, Collierville Update

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In May I wrote a blog entry outlining the current market effects on a Collierville TN subdivision named Halle Plantation. I recently received a phone call from a young lady with the Halle Plantation Neighborhood Association asking if I wouldn't mind updating the data on the real estate activity. I would be glad to oblige and have some wonderful data to boot. At the time I stated that there were 23 active listings with only five solds in the last 90-days or so; but I mentioned that may...

Bal Harbour Real Estate: Florida's Paradise

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 Bal Harbour is Florida's Paradise. Bal Harbour Shops high-end upscale retailers include Saks Fifth Avenue, Armani, Versace, Valentino and Neiman Marcus among others. Exceptional dining spots are Palm and Caffe Da Vinci. Bal Harbour Real Estate is one the most prestigious, upscale, and spectacular addresses in all of South Florida. Luxurious oceanfront and Intracoastal Waterway views condos like Bellini Condo and Majestic Tower. An extraordinary single family home community is Nort...

Aventura Real Estate: The City of Excellence

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 City of Aventura, The City of Excellence, forms a part of recent developments that are to be seen in not only the state of Florida but throughout all corners of America. Aventura Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the US which boasts of a colossal shopping area measuring up to almost two and a half million square feet. This city has made tremendous strides towards development in a very precipitous manner. Numerous trustworthy and excellent jewelry shops are another key a...