Shorenstein Properties Building Huge Office Building

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Shorenstein Properties, in conjunction with Met Life Real Estate Investments is building a 23-story, 500,000 square foot building in the City Center Plaza. It will be one of the tallest buildings in the city, and basically the largest office building per square footage in Oakland. They obviously have confidence that they can fill up a building of that size, which means they have confidence in downtown Oakland. This building is one of many that are planned to go up in the next several...

Which Home Improvements Payoff Big in Fort Wayne Real Estate

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I get this question a lot, while working with potential sellers in the Fort Wayne housing market. While somethings make more sense then others, their is still no simple one all answer to this question. Generally speaking I first advice homeowners to start with the basic home improvements. That being cleaning or replacing old carpet, fixing or replacing a defective roof, replacing old aluminum siding for vinyl, repainting walls and trim, installing energy efficient windows, or repairing or ...

Get Ready For Winter!

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Here are some ideas and tips to get your home winterized and ensure its air is clean and the home is energy efficient during those chilly winter months.   Duct Cleaning – removes 5 to 6 pounds of dirt from a home’s heating and cooling system and should be done every four or five years. Filter Cleaning – This includes furnaces and central air conditioning systems which should be checked annually by a licensed professional and the filters should be replac...

Great Mid-Columbia Duck Race | Tri-City Rotary Club

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Tri Cities Duck racing is back! For 19 years the Tri Cities Rotary Clubs have sponsored this community favorite to raise funds for those needing assistance in the Tri Cities area, and/or the Rotary Club's various charities. The Tri Cities Rotary Clubs hope to sell 40,000 ducks at $5.00 a piece. Of course, folks can donate more. This family fun event starts with a Lampson crane dropping tens of thousands of rubber ducks into a marked race course on the Columbia River. The winning duck recei...

Funny Mom Video

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Yes, it is real estate related! I have a good source that tells me this Mom is a home owner, is thinking about owning a home, or has thought about a home! Enjoy this 3 minute video!

Miami Beach Real Estate: Still in High Demand

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One of the most desired beach resorts in the United States, Miami Beach is a city in Miami-Dade County in the state of Florida. It was incorporated on the 26th of March, 1915. Though it is a distinct municipality, the city of Miami Beach is taken in the same category as Miami and the two jointly are referred to ‘Miami’. According to a recent estimate, Miami Beach has inhabitants of almost 88, 000 in which more than 55% are foreign born and came to Miami sometime during their l...

Fort Lauderdale Real Estate: Las Olas

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Located in Broward County in Florida in the United States of America, Fort Lauderdale, known as the Venice of America, is a metropolitan city that happens to be the most prominent city in the South Florida Metropolitan area. Fort Lauderdale is especially famous as a tourist destination and entertains more than 10 million tourists annually . It has been given the tag of a metropolitan city mainly because of the variety in culture. The city derived its name from a series of forts built by t...

Tri-City Antique Show | Pasco Trac | SEW-Q Quilt Auction to Benefit Hospice

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The Tri Cities Washington Antique show roles into Pasco's TRAC Pavilion. The Tri City Wa Antique show, considered the largest in the state, will host the Southeastern Washington Quilters (SEW-Q) Quilt Auction to benefit Tri-Cities Chaplaincy Hospice House. The Tri Cities Antique show will house a number of antique vendors from around the county promising a wide variety of antiques and collectibles reasonably priced to sell. Consider joining the fun, and for good cause, Friday, Oct. 12, from ...

Myers Park, NC - Condos and more!

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As land in and aroung Charlotte NC, dwindles, the builders must get smarter about how they build.  Usually that means going up as opposed to out.  Now builders are getting even wiser and building residential and commerical sites together. We are going to see some beautiful architecture that resembles the brownstones of Boston or Georgetown, in this new community called Tranquil Court, at the corners of Sequel Ave. and Tranquil Ave.  The prices will start at $175,000 for 562 ...

New Florida Law Increases Sexual Predator Penalties

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As of yesterday, Florida became one of the nation's toughest states for sexual predator penalties. The new law triples maximum sentences up to 15 years for child solicitation and child pornography. It also makes Florida the first state to criminalize the act of traveling to meet a minor for sex and requires sex offenders to register their email and instant messenger handles with authorities. The state will then share that information with social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. ...