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SunshineMLS Metadata Updates

MLS Update posted this 1,598 Views

The SunshineMLS, which includes the Naples Area Board of Realtors® and the Bonita-Estero Board of Realtors®, is updating their with new metadata on October 9th, 2007. Their notice was as follows: To all FTP/RETS users: Please note that SunshineMLS will implement the following metadata changes on 10/9/2007: Residential (RES) Property Class: METADATA-LOOKUP_TYPE -       The "City" lookup type will have additional values (al...

Canada Spared Most Of The US Crises

Michael Peterson posted this 1 764 Views

The mortgage meltdown that's so drastically hitting the American Real Estate marketplace is going to have only a slight impact on the Canadian market - according to our resident mortgage authority Moira Steele. In a nutshell, the mortgage collapse south of the border is going to have only a slight effect on its Canadian counterparts - due mainly to the type of mortgages involved. The so-called "Sub Prime Mortgages" at the heart of the American crises are essentially...

Bay Area Modernist - Mark your Calendars for the Dwell on Design Conference!

Marin posted this 855 Views

Dwell Magazine, the uber-hip and inspiring pub for modernist and fans of progressive architecture and green living will be hosting their annual Dwell on Design Conference + Exhibit in San Francisco on  Sept 14-16, 2007.    This well-attended conference will include a series of lectures, presentations and panel discussions by architects, builders and designers on topics including: Creating a Community-focused & Ecologically and Environmentally Sustainable Society...

Tri Cities Washington Shopping at the Kennewick Grapefest

Spoken Gently posted this 1,415 Views

This year's Grape Festival in Kennewick is Saturday, September 29th from 8am-5pm. Enjoy shopping in the Historic Downtown District in locations such as the Kennewick Farmers Market, Atomic Screenprinting, Basin Department Store, JD's Time Center, Home Theater Solutions, Parkade Hobbies, Beaver Furniture, Roxy Theatre Antiques and Gifts, and Builder's Hardware & Supply Co. There is plenty of places to eat too. Consider the newly opened Spot Diner, Players Sports Bar and Grill, The Deli Do... Names Best + Worst Public High Schools

Marin posted this 13,204 Views

"We have the worst public schools in the nation" isn't something you would expect to hear from your real estate agent, neighbors or even the local school district itself.  To help separate fact from fiction, / Forbes Magazine recently conducted a comprehensive national study of public high schools to identify which counties provide the best return on their investment when it comes to public education.     A total of 97 counties were evalu...

Goodbye, E&N Railway Station

SEO Nick posted this 1,496 Views

    On August 26th, early in the morning... Just one block from REW Headquarters, one of the coolest, oldest buildings in Nanaimo was completely gutted by a fire. Today at lunch, SEO Dave and I drove by what was left of Nanaimo's E&N Railway Station only to see the entire left side of the roof completely caved in and charred.     Just a few months ago I lived DIRECTLY across the street from that building and often hung out there while I waited for my girl...

Historic Downtown Kennewick Project to Highlight the Kennewick General Hospital

Spoken Gently posted this 1,603 Views

The Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership is welcoming Commissioner Wanda Briggs, Kennewick General Hospital Board President; Glen Marshall, CEO and Teresa Long, Director of Marketing on Friday, September 7th at 8 am as they discuss the future of the hospital and the financing plan for the expansion with the downtown business and property owners. This is an opportunity for the downtown businesses to hear first hand the hospital’s goals and objective with not only the new hospital, but the ...

Real Estate Tax Certificate | Real Estate Tax Lien Certificate: An Overview

Spoken Gently posted this 1,606 Views

A potential investor is always on the look out for the best and the safest place to make a profitable investment. A good investment should necessarily be one which is supported by the government, pays incredibly high returns and offers sufficient security. And for those young prospective investors who are on the hunt for investment opportunities, tax lien investing is perhaps, the top solution! For those unaccustomed to the term, a tax lien could be broadly defined as a lien that is impo...

Oakland Real Estate Agents: Short Sale or No Short Sale?

Oakland Ca Real Estate posted this 1,722 Views

By now every Oakland real estate agent knows what a short sale is, because we are seeing record numbers of them. If you are a real estate agent and you started your career less than four or five years ago, then it is very possible that you didn't even know what a short sale was until recently. Unfortunately, today short sales are simply a reality if the business and the market that we are in. From the perspective of a real estate agent, a short sale is much more of a riskier edeavor. In a...

How To Insert An Image | Real Estate Blog Image Insertion 101

Spoken Gently posted this 2 4,528 Views

I enjoy inserting images into my blog entries (as well as web pages) to break up text, hyperlink to other sources, and just plain, it looks cool! As a consequence, I am often asked how image insertion is accomplished. I am no expert, but know enough to pass along a rudimentary understanding of how image insertion works, plus I can recommend a few resources for further study. We also have a how-to on hyperlinking images, as well. The easiest way for me to show you how to insert an image is...