Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival

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The 2007 Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival is November 8th through the 18th and will feature artists from all over the country playing their original blues, rock, folk, and country compositions. The question is who is Frank Brown?  Hint - "he wore a pair of matched revolvers, slung low, but he didn't have to use them".  Find out about the legendary Frank Brown here. The artists will play in local venues in Perdido Key, Orange Beach, and Gulf Shores and ha...

Ft. Myers Beach Real Estate Sales - January to June 2007

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The mid year city of Ft. Myers Beach real estate sales statistics for both homes and condominiums are listed below. Ft. Myers Beach is located on Estero Island and is the "happening" locale on Southwest Florida's Lee Island Coast. Crossing the Sky Bridge from Ft. Myers lands you smack in the middle of Times Square amid the gaily painted storefronts, beach shops, and outdoor dining - it's where everyone meets and all the action happens. Ft. Myers Beach offers every amenity you can imagin...

Alejandre v. Bull | Washington Real Estate Seller Disclosure Statement

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In Alejandre v. Bull the Washington Supreme Court (March, 2007) sided with the seller and did not allow the buyer to sue for damages for the seller's misrepresentation of the seller's disclosure statement. In this case, the seller knowingly gave the buyer a faulty septic tank. To read more about the case, Attorney Russell G. Cofano does a great job of summarizing Alejandre v. Bull. What I want to do is discuss the implication of Alejandre v. Bull on the new forms coming out in October for W...

Buyers doing their own home inspections -- good idea or not?

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Over the years, I have been asked , by potential clients, why they should hire a home inspector. What would be the problem with them doing the home inspection themselves? The answer is usually simple -- they are not qualified to do the home inspection. In most cases they know little about the components and systems in a home. The buyer might be good at determining if the paint and the carpets meet their visual requirements, but they do not know how to evaluate the crucial parts of the home. ...

How To Hyperlink An Image | Making Real Estate Blog Images Clickable

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This how-to blog is a sequel to the how-to blog I did a few days ago on How To Insert An Image. This blog will provide a little instruction on how to hyperlink an image. I am not an expert in html, so I will cover the basics of hyperlinking images, then provide resources for further study/reading. I will follow the same format as the How To Insert Images blog by analyzing the code of a hyperlinked image. I will only write about the variables as they relate to hyperlinking. To learn more ab...

Am I Having a Bad Dream?

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Can anybody confirm this? I've been extremely busy with some things and I jumped on Active Rain to post a quick blog and noticed all kinds of advertising including a banner directly to the right of the very blog that I was posting. Are they seriously taking the chance of corrupting their system and becoming another  

MAAR Limiting RETS Record Returns

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The Memphis Area Association of Realtors(R), in an attempt to reduce the overall over-utilization of their RETS server, has started to limit the RETS record returns over the last week. For details on how this might affect your IDX or if you are interested in getting an IDX from the Memphis Area Association of Realtors, contact Real Estate Webmasters.

SunshineMLS Metadata Updates

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The SunshineMLS, which includes the Naples Area Board of Realtors® and the Bonita-Estero Board of Realtors®, is updating their with new metadata on October 9th, 2007. Their notice was as follows: To all FTP/RETS users: Please note that SunshineMLS will implement the following metadata changes on 10/9/2007: Residential (RES) Property Class: METADATA-LOOKUP_TYPE -       The "City" lookup type will have additional values (all Flor...

Canada Spared Most Of The US Crises

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The mortgage meltdown that's so drastically hitting the American Real Estate marketplace is going to have only a slight impact on the Canadian market - according to our resident mortgage authority Moira Steele. In a nutshell, the mortgage collapse south of the border is going to have only a slight effect on its Canadian counterparts - due mainly to the type of mortgages involved. The so-called "Sub Prime Mortgages" at the heart of the American crises are essentially m...

Bay Area Modernist - Mark your Calendars for the Dwell on Design Conference!

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Dwell Magazine, the uber-hip and inspiring pub for modernist and fans of progressive architecture and green living will be hosting their annual Dwell on Design Conference + Exhibit in San Francisco on  Sept 14-16, 2007.    This well-attended conference will include a series of lectures, presentations and panel discussions by architects, builders and designers on topics including: Creating a Community-focused & Ecologically and Environmentally Sustainable Society, ...