How To Insert An Image | Real Estate Blog Image Insertion 101

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I enjoy inserting images into my blog entries (as well as web pages) to break up text, hyperlink to other sources, and just plain, it looks cool! As a consequence, I am often asked how image insertion is accomplished. I am no expert, but know enough to pass along a rudimentary understanding of how image insertion works, plus I can recommend a few resources for further study. We also have a how-to on hyperlinking images, as well. The easiest way for me to show you how to insert an image is ...

Westfield to Cut Property Taxes

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The good news:  Westfield real estate owners will pay a lower tax rate in 2008. The bad news:  Because the assessed value in Westfield has gone up, most residents will not see a big change in their tax bill. In an almost unheard of move these days, Westfield actually lowered the property tax rate.  This could actually be a turning point for Westfield.  Westfield has typically had a very high tax rate compared to some of its other Hamilton County neighbors.  The g...

Live Nanaimo!

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Nanaimo is becoming one of the most popular places to live, work, and play on Vancouver Island. This trend is due to Nanaimo’s comfortable climate, flourishing job market, and affordable real estate. Many young families are also choosing the city for its excellent school system, and expanding facilities at Malaspina University-College. Not to mention the senior population look to retire to our island paradise. The Harbour City is well connected to the lower mainland and internatio...

$2.1 Million Luxury Home for $150.00 - Try your Luck!

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Looking for a luxury, $2.1M home with panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay, Chef's kitchen, infinity pool, new appliances and more but only have $150.00 to spend?   You might be in luck! Before you grab your checkbook, call the moving company and head out West to enjoy fine California living and some of the best Marin county real estate available, you should know that there is a slight catch! The not-for-profit organization Community Action Marin is holding a raffle to r...

The Libor and Adjustable Rate Mortgages

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There is a good article in today’s Wall Street Journal on the Libor, London interbank offered rate. Why should you be concerned? Many adjustable rates mortgages (ARM) here in the U.S. are indexed to the Libor and despite the Federal Reserve’s recent cut in short term rates, the Libor has continued to rise. The article gives a great explanation on why the Libor has continued to rise and what the consequences might be. If you have an ARM that’s indexed to the L...

Pasco Real Estate and the McNary National Wildlife Refuge

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One of the major draws to Washington’s beautiful Tri-Cities area, for both real estate opportunities as well as tourism, is the wide variety and abundance of natural attractions to be found there. The Tri-Cities community of Pasco is home to many of these wonders, including the McNary National Wildlife Refuge. Although this beautiful refuge spans a large portion of the whole Tri-Cities area, it is considered to, in a sense, “belong” to Pasco because of its proximity to and accessibility fr...

Brandon Florida Homeowners Associations

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I am compiling a list of all the Brandon area Homeowner Association websites which is located here Brandon HOA If there is any Brandon community HOA that you would like to add please feel free to add to the blog.

77 MLS boards and counting

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As many of you noticed we launched the new REW design V 2.something and have all sorts of new sections - one of the more prominent ones is the new MLS board search - which allows users to search all of the MLS boards that Real Estate Webmasters services in terms of providing custom IDX solutions. Now Reed has been workign hard populating the thing, and we aren't even close to done - but I had never actually sat down and counted, so I did - and wow I was quite surprised! So far I count that ...

Relocating to Jupiter Florida?

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Welcome to Jupiter Florida! As Realtors we spend much of our time helping our clients to find the right place to move to.  Of course many times we help our clients find a place to rent while they get to know the area and assist them when they are ready to purchase. I wanted to share some of the area attractions that we don't discuss everyday to help you get a better feel for the area. Jupiter Florida - almost Paradise! Roger Dean Stadium - home to the Florida Marlins...

Coral Gables Real Estate: The City Beautiful

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The city of Coral Gables is situated in Miami-Dade County in Florida, to the south-west of Miami. Notably is also referred to as simply "The Gables" and is best known for being the home to the University of Miami. It is located at 25 43' 42"N, 80 16' 16" W and has an area of more than 96 km sq. According to a recent estimate the city has a population of more than 42,000. The average price of a Coral Gables home is about $900,000 dollars. Over 60% of residents earned ...