Relocation Information for the Tampa Bay Area of Florida

Lipply posted this 1,076 Views

Many people relocate to Florida from the north wondering where to live.  While there are many good choices here in the state of Florida , one of the best places to find employment and reasonable home prices is the Tampa Bay area.  Tampa Bay area provides many affordable housing opportunities to growing families and retirees.  Some communities to seek out and learn about for employment opportunities and affordable housing are Dunedin, Clearwater, and Largo.  These cities a...

Remarks But No Virtual Tours for Carolina MLS

MLS Update posted this 848 Views

The CMLS, on May 24th, approved the use of two new fields in their North Carolina MLS. The two were remarks and virtual tour URL's. In an effort to prevent browsers of the listings from unintentionally visiting the listing agent's site by way of the virtual tour URL, they insisted on a routine of having the virtual tours open in a new window with the address bar disabled. Not long afterwards they discovered that Microsoft was not going to make their job easy and has removed the ability to dis...


Weiss Clawson posted this 798 Views

Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Juno Beach and Jupiter homeowners, and those looking to buy homes in these communities and throughout Palm Beach County are all seeking lower home insurance bills. We have found that a simple and inexpensive home inspection may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your home insurance.  The windstorm or hurricane premium portion of your home insurance coverage (the section that often comprises the lar...

Trying Out a New Walking Path in Palos Park

judyo posted this 2,442 Views

My son, Chad and I like to take the grandkids on walking paths to help us keep in shape.  We used to push the kids in strollers but they outgrew that and now walk on their own. Sometimes they run too far ahead of us (especially on this winding trail) and sometimes they stop our stride by fooling around.  We have to stop fighting, have to help with falls and need to stop to tie shoes or take a drink of water. For my blogs and some variety, we like finding and trying out differ...

Tampa Bay Real Estate - Hot Market, Promising Future

Lipply posted this 1,052 Views

The entire Tampa Bay area is a hot market for real estate with a promising future. The area boasts lots to do for everyone, visitors, tourists and residents alike. There are many cultural events that take place year round annually that suit everyone’s interests. The business sector is booming in the Tampa area as well—whether you are looking to relocate here and find work or start a business, Tampa is very promising lands for your endeavors.   There are lots of reason...

Child-Proofing Your Home

Spoken Gently posted this 1,250 Views

Little ones can be a source of joy; and a source of concern when their curiosity gets the better of them. Child safety around the home is a critical issue in the 21st century. Many household cleaning products are poisonous if ingested, and some are corrosive if they make contact with skin or mucus membranes. And with rapid advances in technology, there tends to be an abundance of potential electrical hotspots throughout the home. Child-proofing your home can be a simple process of common ...

PROGRAM Realty Goes Hollywood!

Jason Painter posted this 3 1,431 Views

There are some exciting things happening around the office at PROGRAM Realty. This week Jason and Amanda Painter were approached by the producers of a television show for Home and Garden Television (HGTV) called “House Hunters.”  The show follows buyers and their real estate agents while going through the process of buying a home.   The show works like this.  It starts off by filming the buyers in their current home.  The show then shows the meeting with the...

New Trinity Town Center Coming to Pasco County

Lipply posted this 7,312 Views

Sometime in 2009 Trinity Florida will be getting a new and exciting Town Center. Construction is continuing on the roads and buildings in the center and the project is gradually making progress.  The first business to open their doors was Old Harbor Bank, visible from the corner of Trinity Blvd. & Little Rd.   Old Harbor Bank provides both commercial and retail banking services to customers. The newest retail and office destination in the Trinity Community of P...


Weiss Clawson posted this 678 Views

It may be time to lock in your mortgage interest rate in you are interested in buying a home in the next few months in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Juno Beach, West Palm Beach or throughout the Palm Beach County area. Mortgage interest rates have increased for the fourth week in the row and now stand at 6.53 percent nationally for a 30-year fixed mortgage, up from 6.42 percent last week.  For the increasingly popular 15-year fixed mortgage, rates are at 6.22 perc...

Interest Rates on the Rise

Gulf Coast Associates posted this 1 2,816 Views

Well, its finally happened. The bond market has accepted the Federal Reserve is not going to be decreasing interest rates any time soon. Up until last Tuesday's hawkish inflation comments from Fed Chief Bernanke, the market had spent the first part of this year believing the Fed's next move would be downward. But, not anymore. In the span of less than 14 days, we have risen from a 10-Year Treasury yield of 4.84% to 5.15% on Friday morning. Mortgage Backed Securities followed suit and thus in...

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