Greenville Real Estate Remains Strong

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Greenville South Carolina real estate is alive and well.  The national news would have us all believing that real estate all over the United States is not selling and that home values are sinking faster than the stock market. While home sales through July are down 2% compared to last year, the average sales price for homes here has increased by 2%.  Days on market for homes sold this year compared to last year are the same at 89 days.  New housing starts in Greenville Cou...

I am so Tired of National Real Estate News, Please Stop, Texas is actually doing real

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                    Despite the National Real Estate slowdown, Texas is still strong I wish the news sources in Texas would stop report all this national real estate news. If only people could see past this. Our home are prices are still going up, and they are still selling in a timely manner. In this blog i want to show some positive news. Texas Surpasses National Home Appreciation Rate Texas is no longer making headlines as having the most foreclosures in the country. Austin and...

REW Blogging contest $1000 of free web development

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Everyone seems to love contests. I know I do, so I came up with one where everybody wins, and two lucky bloggers win big. The contest It's pretty simple, actually — the person with the best REW Blog post wins! The contestants -Anyone in the real estate field (you don't have to be a Realtor) who is interested in free web development and improving their blogging skills.   The point The purpose is to have a really fun contest (with some great prizes) and to encourage particip...

My First REW Blog Post

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My name is Hector Lesende, Owner-Licensed Real Broker in Miami South Florida. I have been in business for over 15 years selling and investing in foreclosures. I specialize in the South Florida Foreclosure market. Foreclosure sales are traditionally a very fast-paced and aggressive market in which only a few realtors will be involved in. Miami South Florida has seven times the foreclosure rate of the rest of the U.S.  I buy ugly homes, fix them up to resell or rent them. We will sell you...

Tri-Cities Washington Best Investor Market in Nation?

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We've lived in the Tri City area of Southeast Washington for four years. We moved here to semi-retire. We cashed-in on properties we owned in Southern California and Mammoth Mountain California, and bought into our current market with the purchase of several multi-family properties. We expected to live off the rental income and didn't expect much by way of appreciation. We've been pleasantly surprised. All our multi-family properties have increased in value by an average of at least 25%, and...

Fresh Houses Sell

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Fresh House: Smells Sell A smell can either make or break a home. Yes, it's true. Even a Realtor will tell you to make a batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies before holding an open house or to air the home out and make it smell good. But let's face it, sometimes there are circumstances that hold this possibility at bay. In other words: kids, dirty clothes, pets, preparing fish for dinner or even cutting up an onion can all stink up the house for weeks on end. So, what's a homeowner ...

Get crushed but keep selling - It's what sales is all about!

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I was actually posting an article over on Active Rain and looking for a used car salesman picture and came across this video. I particularly like how this guy keeps selling even after getting crushed!  Enjoy!  Top Gun Motors - Watch more free videos


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With the summer winding down, it's time to consider a winter rental in Palm Beach Gardens. If you're a golf enthusiast, consider renting a gorgeous 2 bedroom, 2 bath, with den, condo in Palm Beach Gardens/ West Palm Beach's finest golf and country club -- Ibis.  The Weiss-Clawson Team represents the owner of this beautifully decorated seasonal rental with includes full golf priviledges on any of Ibis'  three magnificent Jack Nicklaus courses as well as full membership...

New Chicago Homes Incentives

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It was bound to start and we predicted that it would happen well over a year ago. New Home builders in Chicago that would start offering great incentives for potential buyers to purchase their homes. Through years of experience working with new home sales there are several things we have learned and some of these are: New Home Builders Are in the business to sell Homes New home builders typically do not sit around on standing inventory and price their homes to see what will happen. They ...