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Proof that Real Estate Agents Get Paid Too Much!

Malok posted this 16 9,035 Views

Everyone knows real estate agents (and realtors) get paid too much. Just look at their cars, the fancy clothes they wear - and they always have the latest "toys" - from PDA's to laptop computers, they are always donning the latest technology thats available. Only professional athletes, and lottery winners have as many gadgets as real estate agents do. And if thats not enough to convince you - just wait until you get to a closing, and watch the monster check that they go wal...

Compiling a list of helpful posts and threads for new REW Blog users

Morgan Carey posted this 11 4,972 Views

REW Blogs are different than a lot of the other real estate blogging platforms in the sense that they are set up with many different elements, each one with it's own specific function constructed to help the user make the most of their blogs, and help them not only maintain a very high level of quality, but also make sure they are always in compliance with all search engines terms of usage. We also make constant improvements to REW blogs to help the users get their blogs seen by those int...

North Pocono Real Estate

Dave Kovaleski posted this 1,577 Views

The North Pocono area of Pennsylvania is a wonderful area to call home. It’s a smaller community with some great history but offers some of the features you would like to find for convenience.  Food and hardware stores are nearby as well as some great restaurants.  You can find most of what you’re looking for right in town.  This area encompasses a few smaller towns, Moscow, Daleville, Elmhurts,Gouldboro, and Madisonville to name a few. What you can't find here ...

The Great Dilemma: Purchase versus Renting

Skeast posted this 672 Views

Before you decide which option is best for you, whether it be homes for sale or rent, let’s look at the cost difference in upfront cash, monthly payments, repair and maintenance expenses and projected investment results before you make your decision to purchase or rent during your military tour at Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Please be assured, after you have considered all the benefits I present of home ownership over renting, and the timing just is not right for you and your family,...

I Brake for Rabbits

Dave Kovaleski posted this 2 1,087 Views

Living in the Pocono Mountains offers a great many things.  One of which is the abundant wildlife.  Never a day goes by that you don't see one of natures creatures frolicking about and enjoying his day.  Unfortunately, in most occasions that particular display of wild beauty is usually near or on a roadway. I have trained my self, and conditioned my driving skills to be an expert at avoiding shortening the life of the unwary animal that should happen to cross my path. ...

Florida - A Great Place for Small Business

Gulf Coast Associates posted this 3,522 Views

According to a recent study by, Florida is a great place for small business. The report listed the top ten markets and Florida held four of those top five spots. Top Florida metropolitan areas for small business growth: Orlando Sarasota-Bradenton Miami-Fort Lauderdale Jacksonville The study used a 12-part formula for looking at 75 of the nation's largest metropolitan areas. The four Florida markets all shared similar qualities; rapid growth in popu...

New Map Feature to Showcase our Listings!

Ryan Ward posted this 5 1,023 Views

O.K. I'm pretty excited about this because I figured it out on my own (well, with the help of the internet anyway). Last week I figured out how to in bed Google maps into my website so that each city page has an interactive Google map specific to its own area. I thought that was cool, but, then I started poking around at some other websites that have map a map search and thought that it would be a neat idea to showcase only our listings on a map. Really, I was trying to come up with...

Buyers, now is your chance!

Dave Kovaleski posted this 1 1,058 Views

The weather here in the Poconos of Pennsylvania has been an unpredictable beast.  From scorching 90+ humid days to 65 and cool in a matter of just one day.  Then there is the rain, sun, rain, sun, and then some more rain, sun.  The real estate market seems directly related, one day to the next I am just not sure what direction it is going in.  But I can tell you this.  It seems we have a buyers market.  Inventories backing up a bit, price reductions across th...

Signature Building Group

Memphis posted this 4,092 Views

Signature Building Group is a premier Memphis new home builder and developer. With numerous subdivisions in the Shelby County, Olive Branch and Southaven, Mississippi areas. Founded in June 2005, Signature Building Group is a partnership between Chamberlain & McCreery, Inc. and Compass Pointe Homes, LLC, two of the Mid-South's most respected home builders. Signature Building Group is building its reputation on quality and value – one home at a time – by building 1...

Arizona Septic Inspection: Handshakes are Optional!

PrescottScott posted this 3 4,703 Views

In Northern Arizona, septic tanks and inspections are a common part of our local real estate transactions.  Here are some of the key parts of a typical Arizona Septic Tank dig, pumping and inspection, brought to you by the fine folks at JT’s Septic on Highway 69 in Dewey, AZ.  Tel. (928) 632-7077. 1 – The Truck In order for the inspection to take place, all of the effluent much be pumped out in order for the inspector to view the lining of the septic tank.  ...