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Wineries a Consideration

Spoken Gently posted this 3,100 Views

Pasco Washington Wineries An investment in Pasco Wa real estate certainly would include a look at Pasco's wineries and the impact the wine industry has and will have on the real estate market. Pasco may have started off as an agrarian city but economically speaking the vineyards and the wineries have also been contributing substantially to the economic growth of the region. Today these wineries are booming and there is great demand for the local wine. Many of the wineries are situated in ...

Rolling out the new websites updates

DavidAbernathy posted this 3 1,210 Views

It has been a while since I have posted here.  We are starting to roll out our new Point2 sites - when we first started with Point2 I did not know what all a distributor could do to enhance the look and feel of their websites. I am hoping that Google and Yahoo will like the new sites.  Yes we still have lots of work on each of the sites - but today we started to replace the old sites with the new designs. Todays sites include our site targeting Stuart Hom...

Just sold on Golden Gate Point - La Bellasara $2.25M

John Allen posted this 2 7,641 Views

We just sold unit 401 at La Bellasara on Golden Gate Point for $2,250,000 which was 84% of the full asking price of $2,650,000. Our buyers upgraded from a smaller unit they own downtown. This luxury condominium has 3384 square feet and panoramic view of downtown Sarasota, Marina Jacks and Sarasota Bay.  The interior is complete with marble baths, travertine flooring and gorment kitchen with top-of-the-line appliances. Take a look at the details of this special listing: http://sar.m...

Dishwashers and Plugged Air Gaps

kingofthehouse posted this 4,939 Views

In modern construction, often at the hole at the back rim of the kitchen sink where a sprayer might go, there is a "mushroom" looking device. I have, during my time as a home inspector, found it amusing how few people know the purpose of that device. I had someone, the other day, tell me that she thought it was a water shutoff valve for the whole house. Hardly! That mushroom type device is the "air gap" and it is connected to the dishwasher drain line (or sometimes a w...

Clicksor affiliate reporting - Inaccurate or do I just not understand?

Morgan Carey posted this 2 3,888 Views

Ok, so I don't just do real estate - I actually have quite a lot of my own websites that I have owned for years and done affiliate marketing on. This provides me with a way to test search engine optimization techniques away from my client websites (None of my personally owned websites are hosted on (Or even hosted in the same state as) any of my REW clients so don't worry folks! Anyways, I was looking at testing out the Clicksor "Publisher Webmaster Affiliate Program" - This is...


Honolulu sales stats - June 2007

mikey posted this 1,341 Views

The Honolulu Board of Realtors just posted its sales statistics for June, 2007.  The results show that our housing market remains strong.  After a tradtional lull at the beginning of the year from the holidays, homebuyers began making purchases again and Oahu's prices are on the rise. Let's put it on paper (or computer screen).    Oahu home prices 2007 through June   Homes prices # ...

Cape Coral Pre Foreclosure

CapeCoralHomes posted this 1,380 Views

Cape Coral Pre Foreclosure There is no doubt that foreclosures on the rise here in Cape Coral, Florida. The statistics are showing more & more homeowners facing foreclosure.  We currently have a database of Cape Coral homes for sale that are facing foreclosure. We work with the banks to negotiate short sales when the owner owes more than current Cape Coral market value. Some of these Cape Coral homes may need work but many of them are in move in condition. If you'd li...

ABOR Adds New Fields

MLS Update posted this 2 1,219 Views

After several requests for addition fields in the IDX content, the Austin Board of Realtors (R) plans on adding the following fields on July 17th, 2007: Property Type Field Name FRM AREA FRM REGION FRM MAPSCOGRID FRM MAPSCOPAGE ...

What is Facebook

Spoken Gently posted this 1 1,265 Views

What is Facebook? Wikipedia writes: Facebook is a social networking website. As of July 2007, it is the second most visited such website on the World Wide Web, with over 28 million members. It is surpassed only by MySpace. Facebook was originally restricted to members with a college or university email address, but has since been made available to any email address. People can select to join one or more participating networks, such as a high school, place of employment, or geographi...