Oakland Real Estate: First Time Home Buyers-The 15 steps to buying a home

Oakland Ca Real Estate posted this 2,369 Views

Here are the 15 steps that need to be taken to purchase a home: 1. The Initial Interview Determine what you need and want in your new home Discuss the parameters of your search Discuss financing 2. Get Pre-Qualified By a Lender Obtain a pre-qualification letter 3. Property Tours View available properties that match your needs and emotions Listen to you carefully to find out what features you need in your ideal home...

Sandy Springs New Construction Luxury Homes

Ryan Ward posted this 2,131 Views

Sandy Springs is one of the most popular areas for buyers and builders for new construction luxury real estate in the Metro Atlanta area. Here are some market statistics to see how the Sandy Springs real estate market is fairing compared with some surrounding areas in the luxury homes market. Luxury Homes Between 1 and 2 Million Dollars 35 active listings 6 pending Sold in the last 30 days - 1 Sold in the last 60 days - 2 Sold in the last 90 days ...

Harford County Real Estate-is it really that bad?

sdluck posted this 3 1,269 Views

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted anything of significance-but today I had a few moments and thought I would just sit down to write about the market around Harford County. Everyone has been talking about how "bad" the market is-but from the little bit of research I did and the amount of business that is happening-I would really have to disagree-at least from the buyer's side of things. In Harford County as of today there are 1,828 active listing...

Summer Plans.

SEO Nick posted this 5 1,344 Views

    With the recent death of my dad, I have been doing what every other person who grieves does. Thinking of ways to improve my life. This is a check list I have come up with of things I want to accomplish this summer. I feel making something like this will help me sort out things a little bit. So here goes. Set up a small recording studio. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a really long time. Last year I started recording my own music and I feel it w...

Go Warriors!

Oakland Ca Real Estate posted this 885 Views

The Golden State Warriors have made it to the playoffs for the first time in 13 years! Not only that, but we blew out Dallas at their home for the first game! Now I know, the second game didn't go so well, and Baron Davis and Jackson should have been a able to keep their composure. However tonight Dallas comes to Oakland for game 3, and I have a feeling that Nelle gave them a good speach about keeping composure and not letting emotions get to them. I'm happy to see Oakland's team finally...

Using Virtual Earth Dynamic Mapping To Find homes

Oakland Ca Real Estate posted this 817 Views

If you are searching for Oakland real estate and you aren't familiar with virtual earth dynamic mapping, then you should visit here to check it out. This technology uses satellite imagry which allows you to zoom in and get a "bird's-eye view" of the street, neighborhood and home you are interestred in. The detail is amazing, and it gives you a perspective that is almost better than being there in person. If you arent familiar with an area, you can zoom out and get a feel for where the freewa...

Real Estate Market Trends Vary

mikepannell posted this 1,091 Views

There are a lot of real estate trends that come and go over the course of time. You do not need to know about all these trends, if you are in the Real Estate market it would be a good thing to keep tabs on. This holds true no matter if you are Buying or selling. The fact of the matter is that real estate market trends control a lot of what people do; even if they do not know it. Basically speaking, there are several types of real estate market trends that can take place. For instance,...

New Bellingham Real Estate Site - Eric Badgley

ericbadgley posted this 1,042 Views

Hey guys take a look at my new website that REW put together for me.  I am very happy with the whole process, they did a exelent job puting my site up.  I would highley recomend REW for anyone looking for a proffosional website that works well the the search engines Thank you Morgan  

Why Do Search Engines Hate Real Estate Sites?

judyo posted this 11 1,302 Views

If you have a real estate website and have studied the search engines you are probably aware that se's are not thrilled with the multitude of real estate websites that they have to sift through for their search engine index.  I don't think our industry is treated fairly and with a true knowledge of our business practices. I realize that there are many, many real estate websites and some use duplicate content and others use shady seo practices.  Many real estate agents don't know ...

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