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Interested in buying a home in Palm Beach Gardens' Steeplechase, the area's premiere estate community? It might be a good time to begin that home search right now! Home prices throughout the area have declined -- some as much as 25 percent  for the first six months of 2007 compared with the first six months of 2006.  But prices in Steeplechase are down just 6 percent from January through June 2007 indicating a firmer market in the community.  It may mean ...

Getting Pre-Approved vs. Pre-Qualified - What does it really mean?

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It's real easy to confuse a buyer who is pre-qualified vs. a buyer who is pre-approved. But, think of what the words actually mean - you may be qualified to buy a property because of how much money you make. However, if you don't pay your bills on time and you have poor credit, you could still be declined for a home loan. If you are approved to do something - then that means someone else is permitting you to do what you say you can. You can home shop with confidence if you have a loan approv...

Piney Orchard Real Estate and Homes for sale June Update

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Piney Orchard real estate in Odenton Maryland continues to defy market statistics with fairly robust sales.  Although there is a high inventory, there are more under contract properties than many other near by areas and subdivisions.  A few properties are sitting unsold beyond 60 days, however, those mostly relate to condition or pricing issues. June statistics for Piney Orchard real estate show 143 active listings, with 10 homes under contract and 24 closed sales.  The aver...

Gen-X Moms: Cautious Spenders Who Put Family First

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Two-thirds of mothers with children under the age of 12 today are part of Generation X (those born from 1965 to 1979).1 These are today's 28- to 42-year-old parents who are advertising- and finance-savvy — and who typically have a huge say in home purchase decisions. To better understand this market, take a quick look at these insights. Gen-X moms want homes that emphasize comfort, beauty, high quality and "homeyness."2 The average Gen-X mom spends nearly 20 per...

Brandon Brook Homes Valrico FL

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Brandon Brook of Valrico is a deed restricted community at its finest. It is a pleasant neighborhood which contains 470 homes. Throughout Brandon Brook you can view beautiful mature oak trees and a very well-maintained landscape. This community features a large community pool which is great for those families with children, those whom just enjoy spending their leisure time lying out in the sun and relaxing, and those whom love to cool off in a refreshing pool on a hot Florida day. There...

Bill Gates is Beating Me Out Again!

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In my blog concerning "The Next Great Real Estate Investment" posted on May 5th I highlight the benefit of investing in cheap farm land surrounding Chicago with some highlights of how much land has gone up in Iowa in the past year. I would love to say I have some power followers for my real estate advice and take credit with what Crains Business Chicago featured in their article concerning Bill Gates buying up Illinois Farmland as highlighted on July 3rd,  Hitting ...

Brentwood Hills Homes Valrico FL

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Brentwood Hills is a deed restricted community located in Valrico Fl it is a friendly community with lots to offer for everyone. Brentwood Hills offers several amenities which include a swimming pool, tennis courts, soccer field, and children’s playground. The association also holds many social events such as cookouts and other activities. Search Brentwood Hills homes in Valrico to find your dream home in this wonderful community.

Mortgage Industry Needs More Introspection

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Having been in the mortgage lending business for 20 years or so, we've seen a lot of things both good and bad. However, in the last couple of years the industry, as a whole, seems to have lost its way when it comes to handing out loans to under qualified borrowers. All you have to do is read a newspaper - or watch a cable business show - to be aware of the problems with predatory lending practices and skyrocketing foreclosure rates. Unfortunately, none of these issues stemmed the tide of len...

Is Inbound Link Authority Dying?

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I've read in more than a few places that Google is headed towards placing less importance on inbound linking and more importance on other factors for search engine positioning. Jason L. Miller, WebProNews contributor, does a good job of compiling various resources and suggesting a multilateral approach by quoting another writer: ...a multilateral approach that includes PageRank, inbound links, subscribers, content focus, update frequency, comment numbers, numbers of friends, number of Tw...

Calgary Real Estate Stats - July 19/07 Update

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   Your weekly update of Calgary Real Estate Calgary Real Estate Stats: July 01 - 17/07 Discussion: The average Calgary house price was $561,311 last week, setting another new record. This number reflects the growing number of sales of Calgary Luxury Real Estate. The average price of a Calgary condo was $313,973, a slight rise from the previous week. New Calgary listings continue to outpace sales by almost a 2:1 margin. CR...