Search Outer Banks Real Estate For Sale

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Outer Banks real estate sales have slowed down from the boom times of 2005 but sales are still moving along at a steady pace. With over 4,500 pieces of real estate for sale on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, a serious buyer needs the ability to sensibly sort through it all. If you are looking to make a purchase on the Outer Banks you can do a real estate search that will show you the satelite view of the neighborhood of each of the properties in your range. You can zoom in on your futu...

Why should you move to East Tennessee?!

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Relocate to Tennessee!   Some of the top reasons why you should relocate to East Tennessee...  1. Beauty – The areas in and around East Tennessee have some of the most beautiful scenery in all of North America.  We have the mountains to the east and mountains to the west. Very few things are more breathtaking than the sunrising from behind the Mountains of North Carolina.    Sunsets are equally beautiful a...

Sandy Springs Real Estate Market

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The Sandy Springs real estate market is best broken down into 3 categories: inside I - 285, Outside I - 285 and new construction. Here is a look at the current real estate market conditions for all three areas for the month of May, 2007. First, let's look at the inside I-285 market:  The real estate market for Sandy Springs inside I-285 shows: 245 active listings 46 pending sales 18 closed transactions in May Absorption rate of 13.6 months   ...

Time for a Big Island eruption!

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It's all over the news in Hawaii.  The Big Island is shifting, expanding in one area and contracting somewhere else, just like a person's body when they breathe.  Scientists think we're due for an eruption. Kilauea's current cycle started in 1983.  We've been able to periodically checkout real hot lava for decades now.  Sometimes it goes underground for awhile, now it looks like there's going to be some fireworks for the fourth of July! What does this mean for homeown...

Windward Homes in Alpharetta

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Here are the Windward, Alpharetta real estate market statistics for the month of May. Statistics are compiled using data gathered by the Alpharetta MLS, the FMLS. The number of homes for sale in Windward currently is 118. The number of pending sales is 22. The number of homes sold in May was 16. The absorption rate for all homes currently available is 7.4 months. The highest sales price was $830,000. The lowest sales price was $343,000. Th...

The World

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This has nothing to do with real estate in Tennessee or real estate in this country.  It is about this new extreme luxury development in the middle of the Archipelago Islands.  I wonder how many split level ranchers one would have to sell to be able to afford a vacation home here!  Have they never heard of hurricanes or tsunamis?!  

New Wordpress Real Estate Blog - What do you think?

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Just checking in here at REW.  I have been working on getting a new blog up and it is going pretty good so far.  You can never get enough exposure.. right?  My idea for this one is to focus on neighborhoods and counties or other particular areas of interest.  I have only had the site up for about a week but already getting traffic and I can tell that this has some potential.  It is a little rough on the edges still though. Any critique is greatly appreciated.  T...

Colorado Conservation Easements

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I have noticed when I'm working with buyers looking at land or ranches many times the subject of conservation easements comes up. Often they haven't a clue what a conservation is, what they are used for or what the benefits are for granting one. I have written a short primer below to help bring things into focus. A conservation easement is a written instrument typically in the form of a deed that limits land use. When recorded in the public records and accepted, the deed conveys valuable p...

Tri-Cities Employment Best in 30 Years

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he Tri-Cities' unemployment rate and job growth are the best in years, the state's regional economist reported recently. "It's probably the best time to be looking for work in perhaps 30 years," said Dean Schau. He said the Mid-Columbia had 900 more jobs in May than at the same time a year ago. That's an increase of about 1 percent, or a growth to about 87,300 jobs last month compared with 86,400 jobs in 2006. Schau said that's despite the loss of about 700 jobs at Hanford during the past ...

The Ice Cream Store Syndrome

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Consumers have more power than ever before.  Why?  Information, of course.  But sometime there is so much information that people become paralyzed with choices.  I call it the "Ice Cream Store Syndrome". 64 flavors and 5 dollars, what do I pick?  How about a vanilla cone, please. The design goal of was to simplify the Prescott Real Estate decision process for everybody.  Thanks to the programming ability of my host, Real Estate Webma...