Downtown Columbus Ga

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One of my favorite places to hang out in Columbus is the downtown area.   The city saw fit to do city scapes in the downtown area.   This along with the preservation of the old mills and foundries along the river make for a relaxing and beautiful area to eat outside or enjoy a beverage with friends.   Columbus has done a really good job of preserving the historic district as well!  All kinds of special events are planned downtown as well like: outdoor c...

Playful Parks of Pinellas County Florida

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Throughout the gorgeous cities of Pinellas County in Florida you will find tranquil parks that are nature preserves and a place to gather and relax at the end of the day.  Many feature fun children's playgrounds, boat ramps or lakefront settings, and have picnic pavilions for hosting a party or family gathering. Here’s a sampling of our favorites: Seminole Park in the city of Seminole sits on a gorgeous lake that people enjoy water skiing, or just sitting by the water an...

Brookhaven Open House

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Sunday, November 24th ~ 2 - 4 p.m. View details and photos of our Brookhaven Open house. The Sunday after Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to get out and view homes for sale. Don't miss the opportunity to view this magnifcent and unique townhome located in Brookhaven Heights. 3 stories 2 car garage 4 bedrooms 3.5 baths Gated neighborhood Fantastic Brookhaven location Call 404.630.3187 to learn more.  

Visualizing your way to success!

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Visualizing your way to success! by Michael Krotchie - Tucson Realtor   Most real estate agents have a reason they began their career. For some, it is because they enjoy the day-to-day interaction. For others it is the everlasting journey to riches. Whatever your goals may be, visualization techniques are an underutilized and often mis-interpreted aid to your success. Just mentioning the word 'visualization' probably causes many of you readers to smile, snicker and be skeptical ...

Realtor challenges going up.....Pay going down?

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       As challenges in the industry seem to increase almost daily for our REALTOR members, the just-released 2007 Profile of NAR Members across the country shows - among other findings - that median income for REALTORS is going DOWN.        The typical REALTOR is:        -- 51 years old,        -- works 40 hours per week, and        -- h...


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   Do you want to wait until housing prices hit rock bottom before you buy?  Or maybe you want to wait until home values return to double digit appreciation before you sell your home?  Theoretically, waiting for the housing market to stabilize, hit bottom, and then see home values shoot up again makes sense.  But in practice, it really doesn’t work.   The number of homes on the market continues to increase in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm B...

The market effects on Halle Plantation in Collierville

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I have been stating that the Memphis area real estate market has picked up in the last few months and appears to have a decent amount of steam behind it. Well, let's take a look at a favorite subdivision of mine located in Collierville called Halle Plantation. The Collierville real estate market is different than the Memphis market, but still will show similar signs in some respects. Currently there are 23 active listings in Halle Plantation ranging from $325,000 to $645,000 and...

Ozona Florida Has an Old Florida Feel

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Ozona, Florida is right on the Gulf side of central Florida, just west of Palm Harbor and not far from Clearwater in Pinellas County. With many surrounding communities, it has the privilege of being part of a growing larger community with many of the extra features nearby that make a community feel like a home.   Ozona, Florida remains a quiet and small town with an "Old Florida Feel" of about 1100 people, but enjoys the benefits of major highways and two international ...

Buyers seem to take Mother's Day off.

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While Katharine did have one showing today for one of her listings in Lakeland, TN; for the most part here in Memphis the buyers have seemed to have taken the day off for searching for real estate. Memphis Realtors did no such thing, as AI received a dozen phone calls from agents checking on listing information, contract issues and the like. Hopefully people spent the day having dinner with their mother or mother in law, cooking for the wife and mother of their children, or some other res...