Calgary Real Estate Stats - June 14/07 Update

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   Your weekly update of Calgary House Prices Calgary Real Estate Stats: June 01 - 12/07 Discussion: The average Calgary house price was $493,616 last week, setting another new record, while the average price of a Calgary condo was $330,334, a slight drop from the previous week. New Calgary listings continue to outpace sales by almost a 2:1 margin. CREB *Calgary Real Estate Board* has revised the format of the weekly sales...

New Home Construction Rant!

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O.K. If you don't want to hear a rant then you should leave now! I find it unbelievable that with all of the new construction homes in Atlanta and the surrounding cities that I can only find 1, that's right, 1 new construction ranch home for sale in Alpharetta or Roswell between $600,000 and $900,000. What is wrong with builders in this city? The architectural style of the vast majority of new construction homes all look very similar at this price point. This lack of variety, I believe has h...

Tampa Housing Market Will Come Back

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Lawrence Yun, Senior Economist for the National Association of Realtors, delivered a strong encouraging message of "Real Estate Rebound" to the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors yesterday, June 14, 2007:   "You can bet the house on it, five years from now you will be very happy you're in this business and located in Tampa".  It's Yun's view that rising incomes and declining home prices should have stimulated real estate sales this past year but didn't d...

Tri City Wa Housing Market Gains Strength

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Despite the lethargic pace in many U.S. housing markets, the Tri-Cities Washington housing market continues to experience gains. Could it be all those scientists/engineers moving into the area? Could it be the distinguished school districts found here? Uh, the beer garden? Nope, it's got to be quality Tri-Cities Realtors® like Joe and Colleen Lane. Joe and Colleen are making all of Tri-Cities Washington happy, one customer at a time! Tri-Cities Washington closings through May, 2007.

Hawaii's Real Property Tax rates

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Recently a customer asked me some specific questions about Hawaii's real property tax rates.  Among other things, she was concerned that, upon buying a house here, the assessed value would increase significantly, leading to higher taxes. This customer currently lives in California and she explained how it works there.  When a house is sold, the assessed value automatically adjusts to the sale price.  Real property taxes are assessed at one percent.&n...

Buy a Home with Lipply Real Estate and BE A HGTV TV STAR

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Wow!  We have been contacted by one of the popular HGTV Cable television shows and we have many openings for our customers to be on one of their shows.  There's only one catch and it's not our rule, it's theirs.  You must be one of our current customers with a serious interest in buying a home.  All the shows that HGTV broadcasts involve real people in real life scenarios and this special show is no exception.  If this sounds like fun to you, give us a call and let us...

Downtown Sarasota Condos: A Great Time to Buy

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For anyone interested in an investment or permanent move, now is a great time to buy a condominium in downtown Sarasota. Savvy investors buy when everyone else is selling and sell when everyone else is buying. The long term fundamentals are strong here with a very solid local economy, fabulous weather and some of the best beaches in the world. There are many motivated sellers and there is an excellent supply of inventory from which to choose.  Not only can you get exactly what you want, but t...

1876 Springbush Lane, Clearwater, FL

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Outstanding opportunity to live in Clearwater, FL in a great home!  Spring Lake is has just been awarded Clearwater's Best Neighborhood of the Year and can you believe you can buy a home for under $250,000? Well now you can!  This home was just reduced to $219,000 for a quick sale.  This is a STEAL!  Spring Lake is conveniently located in the heart of Clearwater so close to the BEACHES and downtown Dunedin.  Tons of community amenities are available to homeowner...

Short Sales Help Troubled Borrowers

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If you're reading anything lately about the rise in foreclosures, changing ARM rates, or the depressed real estate market - then you've most likely heard about short sales. Simply put a short sale is when the lender agrees to sell the property for the new appraised value even if you owe more on your mortgage. It helps the lender out by eliminating the need for the expense of foreclosure (about $4,000), maintaining the upkeep on the property, and paying the bills for on-going taxes and insura...

Downtown Nashville Condos as a 2nd Home

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  The concept of a home in the city and living in the country has been around for a long time especially in places like England where a place in the city and a country estate was considered a necessity by the rich and wealthy. With the advent of the baby boomers comimg close to retirement the concept has found new life. Not content to retire like previous generations and potter around in the garden they are looking to live life to the full. The growth of the downtown retaurants an...