Top 5 Broker Technology Mistakes

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1.  Lack of Research      Having consulted in our industry for over 10 years I had the opportunity to see how many different real estate companies approached their technology selections and overall technology strategy.  What I noticed first was that most companies did very little research when selecting technology.   The research I am talking about is research with the people that will actually use the technology they choose, the agents and their customers. &n...

REW Marketing Services Now Offered on Non-REW Websites

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That’s right! After taking the time to triple our Marketing department in the last year, the SEO and PPC teams at Real Estate Webmasters are ready for your projects! Whether you’re already an REW client who wants to apply our awesome SEO program to your other non-REW sites, or someone who has wanted to try out our PPC program without having to give up your current website, we have the marketing products, services, and bundles for you! We’re pleased to open our doors to ...

Getting Secure With HTTPS / SSL On REW Websites

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Google recently announced that it now gives a slight SEO boost to sites that utilize HTTPS encryption by default, with strongly implied plans to make this ranking signal even more important in the future. A ranking signal is essentially a factor within an algorithm, and search engines use hundreds of different ranking signals to determine exactly where each site deserves to rank. Search engines generally keep the specifics of these ranking signals under lock and key, until they want w...

SEO & Marketing Tips From The Pros

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Over the last few weeks, since joining Real Estate Webmasters (REW), I have had the chance to see successful SEO (search engine optimization) in action, as I have had the opportunity to hang out with some truly great real estate professionals as well as the SEO specialists in REW. Comparing a truly optimized SEO process to what most people might do in our business is like looking at the difference between a professional golfer and the weekend golfer. They just don't compare. In this articl...

5 Exciting New SEO Products Just Launched!

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Let's kick off August with something AWESOME! As part of our initiative to continue to improve our marketing services, we've developed a brand new line of flat-rate SEO products that allow you to pick only what you need—no more, no less. You choose the products that are right for your needs, and we deliver them, ensuring every last cent is well spent. You'll always know in advance exactly how we'll be utilizing your SEO investment. We're downright excited about this product line, b...

Results Are In - Do You Agree?

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I ran a very unscientific poll in Facebook recently asking people if the recent Trulia purchase by Zillow would impact whether they syndicate their listings or not.  This is by no means a truly representative sample but is interesting nonetheless.  As part of our ongoing dialogue on this topic let us know where you fall in terms of this question...are you with the majority on this?

Broker/Team Technology Self Audit

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During my talk last week at the REW Summit, I mentioned the importance of doing an audit on your own broker or team technology.  If you are like most people your technology has been put into place over time and often module by module.  As a result, you may now have some core components that are great (like your REW products, of course ) but you may also have some modules that are dated, non-intuitive, expensive, slow, non-integrated, etc.   The paper that follows is a gui...

48% of Buyer Inquiries Aren't Responded To - Read More!

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My former partner Victor Lund did an outstanding study recently that showed what a poor job many agents are doing in responding to buyer leads.  The study, done with the Weichert lead network, looked at lead responsiveness in over 384 brokers across 11 states.  In the study, researchers posing as consumers contacted these brokers about listings on broker websites, Zillow, and Trulia.  The results are stunning and show how much potential their is agents to...

Zillow is buying Trulia? Now what?

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  It’s official, Zillow announced today that will buy Trulia, for $3.5 billion in stock.  The expected close date is sometime in 2015.  So what does this all mean for the rank and file real estate professionals from big brokers to individual agents?  We discussed this very possibility at the Real Estate Webmasters summit last week and several possible scenarios were shared as well as the overall impact that supporting Zillow and Trulia has on real estate busine...