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How To Achieve Efficient Lawn Mowing At Every Property

ian.morrison1982 posted this 402 Views

Everybody can grab a lawn mower and cut the grass in the front yard. But if you look at different houses in the same neighbourhood, you may see that not all lawns look the same. So, is the equipment that makes the difference? Or is it the man behind the mower? Many would say 'both', but after a detailed discussion with some of the well-known doyens of mowing services from Melbourne, here are the niceties that you should think about before you go trimming next time.  The Blades ...

REW Hiring Fair - July 29, 2014!

REW Melissa posted this 445 Views

Our first hiring fair was a tremendous success! We added 20 fantastic people to our team and are still growing by the day. We were so pleased with the high calibre candidates we met back in March that we're doing it all over again. How To Participate Tuesday, July 29th at 9 am-12 pm & 4 pm-7 pm. Nanaimo River Room, Vancouver Island Conference Centre This time, we're doing things a bit differently, with two separate sessions on one day. We're going to kick off each hiring ses...

Founding Partner of WAV Group Joins REW as VP Business Development

Morgan Carey posted this 519 Views

I am extremely excited to announce that Michael Audet, founding partner at WAV Group is joining our executive team as Vice President of Business Development: Full press release below: (Please share!) Founding Partner of the WAV Group Brings Over 30 Years of Industry Experience to Real Estate Webmasters Nanaimo, B.C. July 10, 2014 – Real Estate Webmasters , an industry leading provider of real estate broker and agent technology, is pleased to announce Mike Audet is joining Real...

Park City Coffee House Guide

Karin Gage Park City posted this 212 Views

You could just make a quick pit stop or swing through the drive through for your daily dose of coffee, but while you’re in Park City why not make an event of it in a city where out-of-the-ordinary is our specialty! With so many unique coffee houses to choose from it’s hard to go wrong, however there are some stops that stand out from the rest and we’d be selfish not to share: Park City Roasters Park City Roasters provides coffee lovers with everything they could h...

Decluttering Tips to Help you Sell

fionagreyson posted this 283 Views

  Selling a property is a lot of work. It tests your patience, nerves and skills.       While living you tend to acquire a great deal of things – some of them not so useful – and you rarely dispose of them. As a result a pile of unnecessary stuff can be found in every home.       However, when you are about to move house you cannot take all of the stuff to your new home. You need to consider all the expenditures and tr...

Effective Housing Market & Real Estate Blogs

Greg Hancock posted this 272 Views

Real Estate Blogs - Engaging the Housing Market.  Loving the new website and the progress made for 2014 so far, and our Housing Market and Real Estate Blog has come a long way indeed, with 18,000 views a month since January 15th and climbing. For the most part, let’s be honest, unless you’re the one buying a home or investing, selling, or a Realtor or real estate market related professional, and real estate can be a potentially boring topic. I notice that we’ve h...

Marsh Landing Country Club Housing Report | June 2014

Carey Frankel posted this 245 Views

(See video below) The 2014 year to date absorption rate is 5.75 months. 6 months is an average market and going below means we are tipping towards a seller's market. This is 17% improvement over the first 6 months of 2013. This can be seen in the average sales price improving 3.3% in comparing the first 6 months of 2014 to 2013.There has been a total 5.3% decline in the number of homes sold this year and 13.6% decline in the number of homes under contract in comparing the first 6 months of 2...

WAV Group Partner Mike Audet Joins Real Estate Webmasters

Michael Audet posted this 285 Views

You know there is something special about a consulting relationship when you end up on stage playing music with the CEO and owner of your client company at an Irish Pub during the NAR Conference!  From the first time I met Morgan Carey we just clicked at a business and personal level, and while I am old enough to be his father it became clear that we have a huge amount in common in spite of that.  From songwriting and music to our families and real estate technology something click...