Small Things Which Can Cause Big Problems in Your House

JaneWilson911 posted this 1 221 Views

  Our homes are probably the only place where we can feel safe and protected no matter what. But some homes are not safe in general, and we are the ones, who have to turn them into a good place to live in. There are just too many outside factors, which want to hurt our properties, and we are the only ones who stand in the way. Sometimes even the problems are so well disguised, that we usually learn about them when it's already too late. And this negligence always costs us a lot. ...

Sarasota Real Estate Market Heating Up

BrianT posted this 1 205 Views

As 2014 gets underway, the Sarasota County real estate market is heating up. The number of new listings throughout the county soared in January, rising 10.6% from the previous month. The total housing inventory rose to its highest level in 32 months, providing yet another sign the market is experiencing a robust recovery. During a recovering market, the total real estate inventory, including new listings, typically rises as sellers look to take advantage of increasing property values. Howeve...

Manhattan Beach Real Estate Market Trends February 17-23

hady99 posted this 200 Views

Keeping pace with positive trending performance, Manhattan Beach real estate stat analysis this week reveals 7 properties closed escrow totaling more than $16 million and another 9 new listings hit the market. Recognition for the highest priced paid goes to the new owners of 132 2nd Street in the MB Sand district, who doled out a staggering $5.5 million to secure their move-in date.   Understandably, some neighborhoods perform better than others when compared on a week-to-wee...

Destin Condos for Sale - 2013 Summary

Tim Shepard Destin posted this 240 Views

Destin Condo Sales 2013 The Destin condo market is well known for its diverse offering of beachfront, bayfront, and harborfront condos.  Located within a short driving distance of metro areas such as Atlanta, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Baton Rouge, and others, Destin is the obvious choice to hundreds of thousands of buyers looking for a weekend getaway or a place to live permanently. As we finished 2013, it became apparent that the real estate bubble of 5 years ago is now in our rea...

REW Charity Proposal: The NCDC Silly Boat Regatta!

REW Melissa posted this 3 366 Views

Last summer, Aaron in programming and I decided to volunteer for the Silly Boat Regatta—an annual family-friendly fundraiser for the Nanaimo Child Development Centre. We signed up online and were promptly delegated the task of running a cotton candy concession stand. We loved it! But it was the day prior, during the volunteer orientation, that we learned the waitlist for NCDC assistance is over 300 kids long. That's more than 300 families in our own community who need help righ...

What to Consider Before Building on Vacant Land

landforsalecanada posted this 212 Views

Basics of Building on Vacant Land When you plan to invest on land, you have to first decide whether to buy vacant land and build on it or buy a built up property.  While built up property can save you from the tedious process of undertaking construction of a building, buying vacant land and erecting your building on it has its own advantages.  The main advantage of constructing your own building is that you can design it according to your personal preferences and specificati...

Let a Mortgage Broker Go to Bat for You

hillarycaston posted this 213 Views

So, you think you’re ready to take a swing at a home loan? What makes you so sure, anyway? The financial docs and assets you’ve assembled to show the banking world how qualified you are? That’s a great start, to be sure. But it’s not enough. You need something else in your lineup. A heavy hitter known as a mortgage broker. This seasoned professional will be swinging for the fence on your behalf. And in the loan-hunting world, swinging for the fence means getting the b...

Spotlight on Special Events at the Red, White and Snow Festivities

Karin Gage Park City posted this 206 Views

During the upcoming Red, White and Snow Gala held to benefit the important services provide by the National Ability Center, guests will be able to take in many exciting events, all with offerings by world-renowned vintners and chefs. Here’s a quick look at a couple of highlights slated for this year’s event taking place in the wonderful Deer Valley community.    Wine Seminars New at this year’s gala are two wine seminars hosted by acclaimed vintners Fred ...

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