Mobilegeddon's impact on real estate - what Realtors must do to survive April 21st

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We are less than 2 weeks away from what the internet has called "mobilegeddon" which will happen on April 21st.  What is Mobilegeddon? In a nutshell, Mobilegeddon is a new algorithm that is going to be applied to ALL Google indexed websites. What does this algorithm do? This algorithm will evaluate and apply new ranking factors to your website based on how "mobile friendly" or "responsive" your website is. If you do not have a responsive website, it is estimated that you will LOSE A...

3 surprising tools for finding leads

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Are you just starting out in real estate and looking up at the top producers, wondering how they consistently produce new sales? Or maybe you’ve been in the industry for a while but can’t seem to break into a bigger market. Does your business solely rely on your past relationships? You might also be an experienced professional looking to juice that last 20 percent out of the market you’ve mastered. Wherever you are in your career, most Realtors have the same que...

What's the True Cost of Technology?

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How Much Should I Pay and Budget For Technology?     Before I get into what technology should actually cost for real estate professionals today I think we need to look at why this is even an issue.  You could argue that the cost is the cost, etc., but I think there is a deeper issue that impacts many real estate professionals when it comes to paying for technology that we need to look at as part of this conversation.   We get to see it all the time since we cr...

Recent AdWords Quality Score Drops? Google Statement Here

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Have you noticed a recent drop in your AdWords quality scores in the last couple of days? We have too! After receiving reports from the REW PPC team that their accounts' Quality Scores declined significantly overnight, I decided to find out what the problem is by going straight to the source: Google. Real Estate Webmasters has received confirmation from Google that these quality score drops are a temporary bug in the system. From Google (8.44am PST): "We're aware of a bug that is affecti...


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February 2015 homes sales in Palm Beach Gardens increased modestly compared with January, but prices jumped nearly 12 percent for the period and about 13 percent from a year earlier. The Gardens is bucking the county trend which shows home prices declining about a point from January to February and nearly nine percent from a year ago. There were 110 single family homes sold in Palm Beach Gardens in February compared with 107 sold in January.  But median prices took a significant jum...


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There are almost 2000 homes for sale in Palm Beach Gardens --  single family homes, townhouses, condos and even mobile homes. You may be sitting on the fence, waiting for the market to bottom before you decide to move forward with your purchase.  But why wait? Prices today are about where they were four years ago as short sales and foreclosures continue to flood the market bringing downward price pressure on sellers.  We are seeing identical homes on the market at dra...

REW Career Spotlight: SEO Expert / Writer

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Our SEO team is expanding again and that means we're on the lookout for hot talent to join us! I met with Hannah (pictured), one of our in-house SEO experts, to get the inside scoop on what her job is like. Find out what it's like to have an SEO career at Real Estate Webmasters! Hello Hannah! What does a typical day as an SEO expert look like for you? HG: Depending on the client, I could spend a day writing about lifestyle and homes in South Florida, or I could be setting up goal conversi...

Reporting Issues

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What should you do if something is broken? If the REW office is open (06:00 - 18:00 Pacific 7 days a week) call 1-877-753-9893 and let Support know.If we are closed and your issue is causing your site or even whole REW systems to be down please alert the Sysadmins with the Outage Form at  We will respond to your report as quickly as possible and reply to let you know its fixed.

The Outer Banks Association of REALTORS® now offering Sold Listings!

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I've received confirmation that the Outer Banks Association of REALTORS® is now allowing the display of Sold Data! As we near the end of the first quarter, we'll start seeing a higher volume of MLS boards amending their rules to coincide with the recent changes. If you're aware of an MLS that has recently changed their rules that we haven't announced yet, by all means let us know! DISCLAIMER! It looks like the Sold Listings are only available through the RETS feed. If you're using th...

Who's Steering? You or Your Technology?

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Do You Like Software Developers Defining Your Business Processes? How many times in your business or personal life have you installed a new piece of software and realized after doing so, that to use it, you were going to have to make some process changes.  In other words, whether it was budgeting software, contact management or lead management software,  you realized after the purchase that to use it successfully you were going to have to ADAPT AND CONFORM to the thinking proc...