Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3

In the office, a while back I set up a Linux Box for Internal use.  This server is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 on a Compaq. It's doesn't serve many web pages except for some internal pages programmers use. It is also being used as a backup location for other Windows workstations around the Office. I use it to back up my email and other important files over the Samba share. The Server needs another HD. I would like to get a 200G HD so I can really back up everyones email.
I found some scripts that I would like to test out here

Backing Up Windows Machines to a Linux Host

Aaron Brunt Programmer


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Morgan Carey

Aaron, are you asking if you can purchase one or making a note for yourself lol - If we need a new HD for the internal server please feel free to consult Thomas


I guess it\'s a note to self. But it also could use an additional HD. I\'ll get Thomas to order one up.

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