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Learning To Blog The Right Way - For Money!!

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Learning to blog the right way - for money!!! If you are reading this, it's pretty obvious that I haven't been actively blogging.  A total of two blog posts a couple of years ago doesn't really count as much experience in the blogging arena. Truth is, I didn't have a direction back then.  I was writing some stuff that I felt strongly about and had personal experience with, and I guess I was hoping that someone would find it and maybe buy some of the real estate courses I was selling at t...

Creating a Work Environment for Success – Part 2

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Setting up your environment so that it is conducive to producing at high levels is critical if you want to succeed in the business of real estate.  In part one of this blog post on creating your work environment, we covered the pros and cons of a home office and the equipment necessary to function as a real estate agent in an ever evolving business.  In this post, we are going to talk about scheduling and routines, organization and the most important aspect of your surroundings &nd...

Creating a Work Environment for Success

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  Prospecting and your environment Prospecting, sometimes referred to as cold calling, is one of the best ways to generate new business in real estate.  It’s absolutely free and the results can be immediate.  Many of the top producing agents in the business include prospecting as a major part of their lead generation activities.  So why don’t more agents use prospecting as a tool to increase their sales?  There are as many reasons as there are agen...