Opportunity for Realtors


These weblogs are a wonderful opportunity for realtors to increase their online exposure.

Morgan, Aaron, Phil and the other guys at RealEstateWebmasters have a done a great job creating this real estate focused weblog system.

Any realtor at RealEstateWebmasters.com should run, not walk, to create their own weblog here.

It is a marvellous chance:

  • expose your new listings
  • talk about what is new in your market
  • talk about what is new on your own website

Not only can you get exposure here, but handled properly you can increase the rankings of your own site.

This could be your listing featured here on REW weblogs!

This could be your listing featured here on REW weblogs!

Promoting real estate websites is something I do every day for Toronto real estate and Vancouver real estate for my own design and marketing company.  The weblog system here is fabulous.

How do I plan to use my own weblog?

I will be tracking the success my own clients have on my REW weblog.

I will also share my own views on the housing markets in the United States, Canada and in Europe for those interested in an international perspective.

Alec Kinnear, Creative Director - Foliovision.com
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They sure have done a tremendous job. Standing ovation applause please. :)

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