Alex Neir

The Head and the Heart of Home Buying

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Investing in a house is not just an investment of money or a client's good name in credit. It is a decision of the heart for most home buyers. We aren't assisting them with the transfer of a title and the assumption of a debt load as much as we are helping them make an emotional investment in their future. Real estate professionals should take this into account when advising their clients about real estate transactions. In some cases, we have to be the scissors of reason that cut through the...

How Available Should You be to Your Clients?

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A real estate agent's career is built around connecting to clients, but when is it too much of a good thing? Setting boundaries can be difficult if you are concerned about being available for clients. Guarding your time, however, is imperative for the sake of your happiness and career performance. Understand that excellent client service does not mean being available at all hours of the day and night. Nor does it mean accepting rude or exploitative behavior. You are just as worthy of respec...