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Home Buying: Generation Y vs Baby Boomers [INFOGRAPHIC]

alohatony posted this 447 Views

In the world of economics, there's a lot of debate about whether or not today's young adults, know as Generation Y, have it easier or harder than their parents' generation, the Baby Boomers, did when they were young. Gen Yers often point to the 2008 recession and record-breaking levels of student debt to plead the case that they have it tougher, while Boomers typically recall things like the 1973 oil crisis and the early 1980s recession in America to point out that it wasn't all clear sailin...

Hawaii 5-0 is back!

alohatony posted this 834 Views

Hawaii's economy will continue to benefit from TV filming, even as filming for LOST has come to an end.  CBS is remaking the original “Hawaii Five-O” TV series, according to several reports by Hollywood trade publications Monday.  Just like the classic cop drama that ran from 1968 to 1980, the new one will be filmed entirely in Hawaii. It stars Australian actor Alex O’Loughlin as detective Steve McGarrett and “Lost” alumnus Daniel Dae Kim as Chin...

New Tool for Irritated Agents

alohatony posted this 4 1,046 Views

Agents: are you sick of your buyers procrastinating or making low ball offers? What about those that don't have financing in place, or want a hundred contingencies added to their offers? I've been pretty frustrated lately, and decided to make a tongue-in-cheek tool to teach buyers a lesson. Have your clients test out their buying know-how with my Purchase Success Calculator. Have fun!

The Effects of Spiderable IDX

alohatony posted this 3 1,692 Views

I recently published two blog posts—one on Geek Estate Blog and one on my own site. Both had to do with the issues around spiderable IDX. While the conversation surrounding my Geek Estate Blog post was very lively, it also strayed from the original topic. So, here's a bit of a follow-up for those who had questions or comments, but felt uncomfortable posting them between barbs. In my case study, you can see how well my site is doing so far—I've had an indexable IDX since...


Housing shortage coming in 2011

alohatony posted this 994 Views

According to a Forbes article, there will be a shortage of available homes in 2011, simply because there aren't enough homes being built right now.  ""We need one and a half million houses per year just to keep up with population growth," Wesbury said in an interview with Steve Forbes. "And then if you throw in, you know, fires and tear-downs and just worn-out properties, we need 1.6 million or more per year. Right now, we’re down to about six and a half, s...

Should I sell my house or rent it out?

alohatony posted this 1,663 Views

Over the years I've owned several rentals, and I often have clients here in Hawaii who are trying to decide between selling their home or renting it out for a few years and then selling it.  Having done both, I offer 6 reasons to sell your home, not rent it out:    1. Here in Hawaii, you have to pay 4.5% GET on the gross rent to the State.  On an average $3000/month of rent, that is $135/month in taxes right off the top.  On top of that, if you any annual profit, ...

Do as the rich are doing - they're buying Hawaii real estate

alohatony posted this 1 2,689 Views

In the past few weeks, I've noticed a trend: millionaires are buying Hawaii real estate again.  CEO's, international investors, corporate lawyers, venture capitalists, and old money too - people who understand economics, stock markets, macro trends, and global finance, are putting their money into real estate in Hawaii.  In the past 2 months, I've gotten more calls and written more contracts for multi-millionaires than I have in 5 years.  I currently have at least a dozen ...

Live Facebooking my real estate activity - as marketing

alohatony posted this 856 Views

I've recently begun to live Facebook my work.  It's a variation on live blogging, which is more intensive and informative.  In short, I post a short status update on Facebook while I'm showing properties, something like this: "Showing 5 properties in Kailua today.  One has a great pool but still overpriced."  It takes me about 10 seconds to do, and it's easy to find time while buyers look around in a house.  I like this better than Twitter for many reaso...

24,000 people come to help Oahu real estate

alohatony posted this 1 793 Views

This morning, roughly 24,000 people ran past my home, which is about half way down the route of the Honolulu Marathon.  A couple of my friends ran it and lived to tell about it.  It only matters to me because the Marathon causes money to trickle into our economy.  24,000 people in a race on Oahu means more than 12,000 visitors from out of state, which means thousands of hotel rooms, meals, and dollars spend on everything from little palm tree and coconut shaped souveniers t...

Oahu real estate inventory drops to 4 year low

alohatony posted this 856 Views

Over the last month I've been working with 5 different buyers looking for homes in several areas of Oahu - Kailua, Kaneohe, Hawaii Kai, Mililani, Honolulu, and Ewa Beach.  The problem is, there is very little for sale.  As of November 1st, there were 1282 homes for sale, which is 4.6 months of inventory.  To make matters harder (not worse really) most of them are over $1million.  For properties under $1million, the inventory is only about 3.7 months remaining. Jus...