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Launch of La Paz Bay - Vacation Rental Properties

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Over the past months we have been burning the midnight oil to bring to fruition our new Vacation Rental company website, for vacation rental properties in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. We decided to split the company off from our main Real Estate business to allow it to grow in its own direction, free of the typical constraints of Real Estate companies. Our new company and its website http://www.lapazbay.com will provide travellers to La Paz, Mexico with a one stop shop to fanta...

Best way to look after your holiday home

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For many people owning a second home is a life long dream. It is by the beach in a hot country, far away from home, which is part of the attraction but also makes it much more difficult to manage. Typically you may spend up to 6 months of a year in your second home however some years you may spend as little as 6 weeks.  This means that for at least half of the year your house may be completely empty and therefore at risk to damage from natural and man made causes. Assuming you are in a...

Buying in Baja California Sur, Mexico - Fideicomiso

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Purchasing a property in Mexico is different to the property purchase process within the United States and most other countries. This article will help you with some of the basics. Property ownership within 50km (32m) from the coast and 64m (100km) from international borders are restricted to Mexican nationals within the constitution. The Mexican Government changed its international ownership laws in 1994 to ease the process of purchasing within these “restricted zones” as part of the Nor...

Google Map Maker - New to me

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Hi all, According to Wikipedia this tool has been in place since 2008 however I have never seen the option on Google Maps until today, Google really needs to work on their promotion of their millions of tools. For those who haven't heard of the tool it basically allows you to edit Google Maps.  Ever seen a hotel with its name spelt wrong, or missing street names in a new development, then you can simply go in and correct them.  It takes another reviewer to accept your change, but after...

International Commission Sharing

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Good morning all, 99% of my clients are from the USA, Canada or other parts of the world, looking to live in Mexico where costs are lower than back home and the weather is fantatic.  A number of these clients are selling homes back home at the same time as moving here, or selling one of their homes to help finance their move. These clients are most likely walking through your door to have you market and list their home, and I would like to help join up the process so that you can help ...

Strange but True - Hummingbird incident caught on my iPhone

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Ok, As you can probably tell I had the blogging bug today, and it just so happens there is lots to talk about. Now this one came totally out of the blue, and literally landed on my doorstep. Initially I thought the hummingbirds were fighting, then playing or even mating, however I do not believe it is any of these, however I cannot say what it is.  It appears that the birds were stuck together, maybe mating gone wrong. Then the bird stood up flew onto scene with the other attache...

Dollar to Peso Exchange Rate - Reaching All Time Sustained Highs

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As a property manager and realtor I am converting pesos and dollar prices on a daily basis and over the last two months I have seen the amount of pesos to the dollar rise day after day.  There have been some fluctuations however enough of a trend to cause me to investigate more. Currently $1USD can be converted into almost $14 pesos!  This is up from only $11.5 pesos in May (the lowest point all year) and up from averages between 11 and 9.5 between 1999 and 2008.  This means that ...


New Office Terrace

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Many people in my city have small offices with great Malecon (Ocean Boardwalk) frontage, meaning they are able to display properties in their window and get walk in traffic. My office has its entrance on the Malecon front however is stepped back from the front as there is a large garden infront.  This intially seemed a disadvantage to me, however over time I have begun to appreciate the beauty of the spot I have and its ability to remind people why they are buying in this beautiful city, ...

Google Sketch-Up - Great Free Software

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Good morning all, Recently my family have purchased a large lot next to our property to develop an extra home or garden etc on, no one likes to miss the opportunity to buy land right next door do they! I had been drawing out plans on paper, but they so often get messy and are so hard to keep accurate. I decided I would google for free architectural tools, and to my amazement Google has a free and fantastic tool known as Google Sketch-Up. The tool allows you to design anything in ...

Google Analytics - New Real Time Feature

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Good morning all, Ok so Google Analytics underwent a revamp a month or so ago.  One element which came with this revamp, however is still under BETA, is the Real Time analytics. I was able to test this over the weekend when I launched my new website. The tool allows you to monitor activity on your site in the real time, telling you exactly how many people are viewing your different pages at any given moment, and how long they have each been there.  It is interesting to watch people ...