Google Map Maker - New to me


Hi all,

According to Wikipedia this tool has been in place since 2008 however I have never seen the option on Google Maps until today, Google really needs to work on their promotion of their millions of tools.

For those who haven't heard of the tool it basically allows you to edit Google Maps. Ever seen a hotel with its name spelt wrong, or missing street names in a new development, then you can simply go in and correct them. It takes another reviewer to accept your change, but after that the changes then take place on the Public Google Maps.

Recently my brother has tried to get me involved in Open Street Map, which is aiming to create a free to use public map, however given that Google has a clear monopoly in this market and I like their interface, I figure why not correct the mistakes there than make something new.

Who out there has heard about the tool and has any experience in using it?


Simon Loftus
English born, living in La Paz, BCS


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