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Moving To Phoenix, Arizona For An Education In Health Care

Artur posted this 878 Views

Healthcare education in Phoenix, Arizona is a prominent choice amongst students. The healthcare industry is booming in this area. Rural students move to Phoenix for a better education and living opportunities. Moving to Phoenix for educational opportunities in the healthcare field is a smart move, and there are tons of options available. Physical therapy assistant schools are also a great choice. Relocating to Phoenix will give you the best edge in the academic world for healthcare pro...

Moving To Phoenix, Arizona For A New Job

Artur posted this 1,230 Views

Many people are moving to Phoenix, Arizona for a new job due to the flourishing local healthcare industry. Local specialty centers existed since the early 70s but subsequent population increases bought about the development of larger, advanced hospitals. Information on certain items facilitate adjusting to new surroundings. Arizona Healthcare Overview Arizona state healthcare started in downtown Phoenix. In 1875, nuns rented a six-bedroom cottage to care for tuberculosis patients....

inPhoenix Realty Group Launches a Mobile Phoenix Homes Platform for Smartphones

Artur posted this 669 Views

Explore Phoenix real estate listings right from a Smartphone now with the Mobile Homes Search feature from Just like the website, but mobile friendly, quick and accessible for a more customizable user experience and instant access to Phoenix home listings from anywhere. Primary features on include:  Search by Community, Price, Property Type + Keep it Simple or Get Advanced: it’s User’s Choice View Photos and Full Deta...

inPhoenix Realty Group Releases An Update Of A Website With Easy Buy, Sell, and Explore Features

Artur posted this 705 Views

inPhoenix Realty Group, providers of real estate services to buyers and sellers in the Greater Phoenix area, announces the release of its brand new advanced website for Phoenix Market Trends in a new 4.0 version. The updated website has a new design and structure to convey the most important information in a quick, accessible, and extremely customizable experience for users. The main navigation elements are limited to the three most important categories for visitors: Buy, Sell and Ex...

Gilbert AZ Real Estate Market Report

Artur posted this 808 Views

Is Gilbert real estate on the brink of a turnaround? Probably! All things are pointing that the dead bottom has been reached and that probably the market is already scraping its bloody fingers up the ditch it fell into. This time next year there will be a lot of people happy that purchased now, but then again the crystal ball is warped and a black swan can turn attentions elsewhere. ( The Cromford Report ) 649 pending homes will make this a very good month for sales. Already 423 ho...

Chandler AZ Real Estate Market Report

Artur posted this 1,889 Views

The Chandler real estate market like much of the south east valley in Greater Phoenix and the metro as a whole for that matter has seen an unusual decrease in inventory even at a time of the year when inventory usually starts to rise. Coupled with a high demand for housing, driven in part by really low interest rates, the total supply is now only 2.6 months which by historic standards puts it squarely in favor of the seller: a seller's market. But is it? ( Graph: The Cromford Repo...

Urban Phoenix - Love, Life and Real Estate

Artur posted this 781 Views

Central Phoenix has got something to it. It's not easy to explain and it takes a bit of digging to find it. It's not one of the top 20 cities in Monocle's annual survey and it never will be, yet there's a vibe, an essence, a vitality within this metropolitan area made up of mostly sleeper communities. Central Phoenix is bustling with entrepreneurship, culinary delights, a growing arts scene and brain power. New locally owned restaurants open frequently. Check out the Windsor o...

Historic Phoenix - More Than You Expected

Artur posted this 4 1,778 Views

There are 35 historic districts in Phoenix and most are located in some of the most spirited neighborhoods in the valley. A rich active and interesting lifestyle awaits those who leave the suburban sleeper communities and enter the easy going yet enriched urban scene. Central Phoenix and especially Midtown and Downtown Phoenix is the place where artists of all forms have made their home. Murals on side buildings, public art on the light rails stations, galleries, architects, landscape...

Public Art on the Phoenix Light Rail Stations

Artur posted this 3,018 Views

Each of the Metro light rail station that run through Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa is more than a platform to the train, they are a background for an extensive array of public art which often reflects the surrounding neighborhoods, it's people, history and how they evolved and changed Phoenix. The photos above are from the Eastlake Park light rail station just east of Downtown Phoenix. The art is by a San Francisco artist who collected stories and photographs from the nearby neighborhoods ...

Search Phoenix Homes By Partial Or Full Address

Artur posted this 1,453 Views

So you've got the address of a Phoenix property or maybe you just remember part of the address like a house on 40th Street or the house number was 3119, but you don't know the full address.  How can you find out about that home? You could try Google and get hundreds or even thousands of results, many of which won't even be houses for sale.  It's Easy with! Using the advanced custom Phoenix homes search you can put in part of the address, could be the street or na...