Great Deals comin' atcha' in the Compton CA Real Estate Market


Hip Hop group, N.W.A.’s 1988 album, “Straight Out of Compton,” paved a path for dozens of gangster rappers who popularized the idea that Compton was filled with crime and danger.  While their musical talents were widely applauded, the rappers did not portend what would happen to Compton Property.  The city of Compton has had a troubled past but in recent years much has changed.  In 2006 Compton was declared an Enterprise zone and the entrance to the city which was for years a refuge for homeless has been converted into a $65 million dollar shopping center.  The city's current Mayor, Eric J. Perrodin, launched a PR campaign with the slogan "Birthing a New Compton" in 2007 in an effort to revive the self-esteem of the citizens. 

The city of Compton has a storied history, believe it or not many famous celebrities have once called compton home.  This list ranges from entertainers (Tyrese & Dr. Dre) to athletes (Venus & Serena Williams) to the head of USC athletic Department Mike Garrett to former NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle.  Former republican president George Bush, and wife Barbara were residents of Compton, CA for a short period of time in 1949 too.  The city isn’t even a majority African-American city anymore, with 60 percent of its population Latino. There is also a small Pacific Islander community.  Compton real estate is bordered by the unincorporated Willowbrook on the north and northwest, the unincorporated West Compton on the west, the city of Carson on the southwest, the unincorporated Rancho Dominguez on the south, the city of Long Beach on the southeast, the city of Paramount and the unincorporated East Compton on the east, and by the city of Lynwood on the northeast.  Compton homes are served by the Compton Unified School District.  On the California State Academic Performance Index (API), a test with a possible 1,000 points, two schools have garnered excellent marks. Bursch Elementary School scored 851 Laurel Street Elementary scored 794.

With its central LA, freeway access convenient location and some of the lowest median property prices in all of inner Los Angeles County, Compton Real Estate is in high demand by entry level buyers and Real Estate Investors looking to buy/fix/sell or for long term income properties.

At IET Real Estate we have English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Tagalog speaking agents to help anyone and everyone with an interest in buying or selling property in Compton CA.  For more info contact our office.


M. Ben Nicolas
IET Real Estate is a Los Angeles County based Real Estate Brokerage. We currently have 2 offices serving the Long Beach Carson & Whittier Norwalk areas. IET Capital is our Mortgage Affiliate. IET Capital is HUD Approved to originate FHA Loans and Conventional Mortgage Loans. IET Enterprises is our Investment Division. If you need to Sell Property in Los Angeles Fast IET Enterprises is a good place to start.


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