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Tax Relief from the state of CA for Property Owners who Short Sale Los Angeles Real Estate

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 At long last the state of California has decided to have their consideration of phantom income received from a short sale mirror more closely the Federal handling of this type of income.  Will this be a good thing or bad thing?  This along with temporary federal tax waivers and the government making a concerted effort to set regulatory policy that encourages loan servicers to accelerate the short sale process seems like the Government  feels like a short sale while almos...

Leveraging REW CMS 2.0 framework to inexpensively create a killer Mortgage website

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In addition to our primary Real Estate sales business many Real Estate professionals also arrange financing for their clients as the 2 businesses are natural fits for each other.  As a former wholesale rep in the residential mortgage industry and someone with experience closing large volumes of loans it would make no sense for our company to not do loans.  I'm the type of person who if I'm going to do something though I want to do it at a high level.  Anything I put my ...