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Zillow's Not the Only One!

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Although Zillow clearly dominates the market of providing free, instantaneous real estate valuation estimates, it is not the only source.  A variety of websites now offer similar online valuation calculators that provide results simply by having a user enter a residential address.  There has been and will continue to be significant debate about the accuracy of results from these online algorithm-based valuation calculators.  While many of the criticisms leveled against Zillow...

Top 10 Tips for Remodeling and Home Improvements

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If you are thinking about a remodeling project or are perhaps just considering ways to lower your electric bill by making small home improvements, all the available options now being discussed in the media may seem a bit overwhelming.  As “green” issues have become recently in vogue many people are holding themselves out to be experts and the array of recommendations and sources of information have grown considerably.  To help remodelers, whether homeowners or contract... -- Will it work?

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Sometime in the next few weeks yet another website,, will be launched with the goal to fundamentally change how residential real estate transactions are handled.  “Stand by for The Real Estate Market shake up!”, claims the home page of, under the motto “Be Your Own Agent” as it ambitiously touts itself as “The For Sale By Owner of the future - today.”   At its core, the plan of the business model is to ...