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Hard Facts About The Austin Real Estate Market

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  Austin Texas Lake Front (Photo credit: StuSeeger). Can you handle the truth about the Austin real estate market? It’s hard to hear, we know, but Austin homes are selling better and for more money than they were a year ago. Actually, that’s not really so hard to take, is it? If you’re planning on buying an Austin home, it isn’t exactly good news -- there are fewer choices and they’ll cost you more-- but if you’re on the selling end, it’s great news. Let’s take a look at some inf...

Austin Unemployment and Austin Real Estate Market Update April 2010

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The Austin unemployment rate experienced a slight decrease from 7.1% to 7.0% in April 2010. The State of Texas unemployment rate also decreased slightly from 8.2% in March 2010 to 8.1 in April 2010. The U.S. unemployment did decrease from 10.2% in March 2010 to 9.5% in April 2010. Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos continues to be lower than the National average. Between January 1st and May 21st a total of 2973 single family homes sold in the city limits of Austin.  While only 2587 homes sold du...

Austin Real Estate Market Statistics April 2010

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Just as the temperatures are rising with summer upon us so is the Austin real estate market.  Overall Austin experienced an 8% increase in the number of homes sold and a 4% price per square foot increase in April 2010 compared to April 2009. There was a 48% decrease in the supply of homes for sale with only 3 months of current inventory for single family homes.  Although the unemployment rate for Austin is 7.1% it still remains lower than the unemployment rate for the U.S. and Texas. For a...

Austin Real Estate Market Statistics May 2009

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Summer is here. So what does that mean for Austin real estate? Both the number of homes sold in the Austin area and the supply of homes for sale are down as compared to this time last year. There are 3,934 single-family homes actively for sale within the city limits of Austin, Texas as of 6/4/09. Some good news is that the Austin unemployment rate has continued to decline.  The overall unemployment rate for the Austin area was 6.2% in April 2009 and has gone down to 5.8% over the past mont...

Austin Real Estate Market Statistics April 2009

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A pattern of Austin area seasonal home sale increases has held true, as the number of home sales have gradually been increasing since January of 2009. While Austin has seen 28% fewer homes sold in April 2009 than April 2008, the local unemployment rate has improved slightly since February of this year. The overall Austin unemployment rate remains lower than Texas' overall numbers, indicating strength in the Austin economy. Despite this indication of a strong Austin economy, average sold pric...

Austin Real Estate Market Update March 2009

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According to the most recent market statistics released from the Austin Board of REALTORS®, Austin appears to be weathering the national recession well. The Austin real estate market continues to outperform many other US cities. While the overall number of homes sold in March of 2009 was lower than homes sold in March of 2008, prices have fallen only moderately over the last two quarters. The number of single-family homes has actually risen by 25% since February of this year. In addition, so...

Austin Real Estate Market Update February 2009

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Overall, the median selling prices for homes in the Austin area are down 3.2% for February 2009, as compared to the median selling prices for February 2008. In addition, the number of homes sold in February 2009 has decreased by 41%, as compared to homes sold during February 2008. Bank rates for a 30 year fixed mortgage remain very low at 5.25% as of 3/1/09 according to   So, what does all this mean? For one thing, this is an excellent time to consider purchasing a&nbsp...

Austin real estate market 2008

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The 2008 Austin real estate market was tumultuous, but it wasn't devastating as one has seen in other parts of the country.  While the number of homes sold was down 23%, prices for single-family homes were actually up by $.82 per square foot for the year.  So what does this mean?  Low unemployment in Austin has kept a large number of residents from being forced to sell their home.  As a result, many homeowners have chosen not to sell rather than take less than what they w...

Austin Real Estate Market Update November 2008

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Austin real estate remains one of the strongest markets in the country with an overall median sold price increase for the year for Austin homes.  While Austin has experienced an overall median price increase of 1.1% for the year, the number of homes sold is down 23%.  Clearly the national economy is the culprit for causing the sale volume to slow here at the end of the year.  To review my detailed Austin real estate market update for November 2008 click on this link.

Austin Real Estate Market Update October 2008

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Austin homes experienced a 1.4% price increase for sold single-family homes between September and October of 2008 - these were homes within the Austin city limits.  This is opposed to the 3.2% price drop between July and August of 2008 and the 4.3% drop between August and September of 2008.  Overall Austin sold home prices for the year (January thru October 2008) are up by 1.3%, which is amazing considering the turmoil in the national economy!  Luxury Austin real estate p...