Bobcat in Arbor Greene, New Tampa


We were coming home from my Son's soccer game yesterday and as we were driving through the community I happened to see this Florida Bobcat out of the corner of my eye.  At first I thought it was a Florida Panther, which would have been a very rare citing, but after a little internet research, I think its tail is too short for a Florida Panther. 

Luckily I had my camera with me, I only wish I had a little better zoom lens.  This shot is a little grainy because I had to enlarge it a bit.

This was only about 100 yards from the Arbor Greene Clubhouse and after I took the picture the cat just sat under the bushes, totally ignoring the five or six cars that had now stopped in the street to check him out.  I actually drove off before he decided to move on.

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When you see a panther, there will be no mistake. I saw one off of I-20 near Vicksburg, MS about 10 years ago. The massive long tail of the Panther will stand out where there is no mistake of what it is. I heard no news of any other sightings of the giant cat.

I used to see bobcats a lot while deer hunting. It is interesting to watch them play and hunt. Their actions are just like those of domestic cats that are on the prowl, just no tail twitching when they are about to pounce.

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