Toll Booth Coming to Bruce B. Downs Blvd.


Bruce B. Downs Blvd. at County Line RoadIf it’s up to Ken Hagan, Hillsborough County commissioner, we’ll all be keeping the change handy for trips up the street to the mall. Frustrated by Pasco County’s refusal to help out with the $28 million tab to improve Bruce B. Downs Boulevard, Hagan proposed that Hillsborough put up a tollbooth at the county line on the BBD. I’ll wait for you to wipe the coffee off your monitor…
One of the problems with Hagan’s proposal is that no one is sure if the county legally can collect tolls for use of the road. Typically, toll booths are used for limited access roads – highways, bridges, expressways and the like. Bruce B. Downs is none of the above. While it’s a main road, it’s also a residential and commercial byway with multiple cross streets and retail complexes every quarter mile. Any type of toll road arrangement is bound to impact local traffic as severely as it does through traffic.
Instead of recognizing this, the county has voted to explore the legalities of erecting a toll booth on Bruce B. Downs so that Pasco County traffic will help pay for the road improvements. Honestly, couldn’t the time and money be better spent exploring other avenues of funding for the necessary road improvements? And there is no doubt that the improvements are necessary, and will become more so when the newest Pasco County developments are built and occupied. Maybe it’s time to sit all the concerned parties down in a room and lock the door until they hammer out a compromise that works for everyone.

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I think that it is time for Hillsborough to realize that they are getting a WHOLE bunch of money from Pasco county residents by way of sales tax dollars. Also, if they have driven on Pasco County's side of Bruce B. Downs lately, the all so wise County Commisioner would realize that Pasco's dollars have a lot of places to be used! Personally, I now use library that is off that road, the Wal-Mart, the Chick-fil-a, a Pain Clinic, and the USF group of Hospitals, but if this craziness does go through, I can just go to another Walmart, forget about the chicken, find another way to USF, and pray that there is a way to get to my Pain Clinic and then my mother who goes with me to my appointments will just not be able to go shopping during the appointments which in the long run will take Tax Dollars out of Hillsborough County. So if this is the wrong way what is the right way? Well, I don't see anything wrong with the road to begin with - at least in Hillsborough County - and the mess in the BBD/I-75 Intersection is the only thing that MIGHT need done, but they better do a very good job and most of the problem is on the interstate and not on BBD to begin with.

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