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Santa Cruz Real Estate

Carmel California Schools- Information is hard to dispute as a quality public school

Santa Cruz Real Estate posted this 687 Views

The longstanding reputation and high quality of every Carmel CA School is an indication that students in the region are receiving an outstanding education. Continually ranked in the top charts of U.S. city school districts, the scholastic institutions in Carmel offer extensive programs in general education as well as specialized study programs. Physical education and team and individual sports are also emphasized so that students receive a broad experience and establish a healthy and p...

Monterey Real Estate value in a classic Craftsman style

Santa Cruz Real Estate posted this 2,424 Views

Monterey,California Real Estate Monterey is one of those towns that is definitely fun to see when you are visiting the Monterey Bay. With Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove and Monterey anchoring the southern end of this idyllic area, home to the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, there is a ton of stuff to do and see. Monterey has some great houses and here is one to definitely check out. Craftsman architecture is one I really like alot. There are a variety of styles around, but...

Santa Cruz Lighted Boat Parade- Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor

Santa Cruz Real Estate posted this 1,994 Views

Santa Cruz Lighted Boat Parade The Santa Cruz Lighted Boat Parade is one of those events that if you have never been to one, is really cool and beautiful. The lighted boat parade goes on rain or shine. The plucky sailors decorate their boats and yachts and parade up and down the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor. Homes overlooking the harbor have spectacular views from the comfort of their living rooms. This is a great time by all with some really great boats decorated to the 9's. The parade...

Carmel Homes Reflect the Town’s Diversity and Heritage

Santa Cruz Real Estate posted this 2,082 Views

Carmel homes provide a wide range of choices for a buyer People are drawn to the lovely coastal town of Carmel, California for all sorts of reasons, from its climate and profusion of flowers to its cultural life to its pristine beaches. People often decide to buy a Carmel home either because some aspect of the town’s charm attracts them, or because they spy a beachfront or redwood cottage one misty morning in summer and fall in love. Carmel homes come in all shapes and sizes, from t...

Capitola Begonia Festival- Labor Day Fun at the beach in Capitola California

Santa Cruz Real Estate posted this 2,359 Views

The Capitola Begonia Festival is a fun event done in Soquel Creek at the beach in Capitola. Homes overlooking this event, which has several events all in one, are the gayley colored Capitola Venetians, which are favored by many. They are those pretty colored homes right on the sand. They are the prime spot for one of the fun morning events that I like most, the Sand Castle Competition.This event starts at 8 and runs till noon. There is so much variety in what people dream up for their ide...

Santa Cruz real estate home market stats for March 2010

Santa Cruz Real Estate posted this 1,502 Views

The Santa Cruz real estate market has life in varying price points. Find what you want and get it. Having cash helps, but there are still plenty of deals out there to be made. Get an understanding of the market and the price point you are in to understand how to best position yourself to get the home you desire. While Santa Cruz homes are still sought after by locals, the vacation and second home market is still one I get calls on. To see what the best Santa Cruz ocean view home values are o...

Charity begins in the heart and Santa Cruz is no different than anywhere else.

Santa Cruz Real Estate posted this 1,584 Views

Was reading a recent blog post about the charity of heart. As opposed ot the charity of the wallet, such as for me Boys/Girls Club, Big Brother/Sister and Alzheimers. Yes I know, I have the beginning, and the end. Well as I sell Santa Cruz Real Estate, people make those changes when they get kids, and when they are too old for a home, or it does not meet their needs. Santa Cruz homes come in all sizes, mostly smaller, so finding the right one is sometimes challenging. Some do charitable sell...

Black Friday.... no effect on Santa Cruz Ca real estate..... what are you buying for Christmas ....

Santa Cruz Real Estate posted this 1,752 Views

While I think there are so many ways to sell things, sometimes the hype is more than the substance. Hopefully all the hype to have people get up for 4 AM to shop sales, will get consumers to move past their points of fear and drive retail sales to good levels for business. Now, we all know we are a consumer nation.Fewer of us produce something, as many of those jobs have moved overseas because it is cheaper to produce there. In real estate we often have to go outside of the box to sell di...

Scotts Valley Senior Center Scores : A Scotts Valley Seniors Real Estate Specialist( SRES) experi...

Santa Cruz Real Estate posted this 1,462 Views

Scotts Valley, Ca is a nice community located about 15 minutes north of the Santa Cruz beaches in Santa Cruz, CA.Recently the Scotts Valley Senior Center held it's second annual Wine and Chocolate Festival. The day was sunny and the crowd was steady throughout the day.My date was a spry 86 year old who was not told of the surprise. She was surprised and please to learn of the wine and chocolate. We tried the different vendors one by one. She sampling the chocolates, me the wine and chocol...

Santa Cruz County Alzheimers Association Memory walk...... get to Seascape for a good cause.

Santa Cruz Real Estate posted this 7,151 Views

The Santa Cruz county local chapter of the Alzheimer's association is doing their annual Memory Walk to raise funds for this dreaded disease. It currently affects 50% of the people over 85. As you and I get older, this is likely to affect us. Currently when a loved one gets this disease it spiritually, emotionally and financially bankrupts the surviving family members and spouses. Please support this endeavor that I support in my community of Rio Del Mar in the Santa Cruz, Ca area. The...