The Importance of a Quality Home Description


You’ve likely heard that most home buyers today are referred to as “armchair buyers.”  This means that the vast majority of home buyers we see today (some estimate as much as 90 percent) use the Internet, such as to search for a new home. Therefore, your home’s description and photographs are the first impression of your property. Because of this, it is important to make sure the home description and accompanying photographs are attractive, informative and eye-catching.

Here is what to consider:

Quality of Photographs

Poorly lit photographs are one of the biggest problems of many home descriptions, while other photos just clearly aren’t relevant or eye-catching. One of the best ways to ensure quality home photos is to ask your realtor to take them during the day so natural light is on your side. Make sure all of the windows and blinds are open in the home for the photos, and clear all extraneous items out of the way before the photo is taken. Finally, look at the room from the eyes of a buyer and make any corrections or changes. For example, before your realtor takes a photo of your master bathroom, remove the garbage can, put fresh towels on the towel rack and close the toilet lid. It’s all about the small details when it comes to real estate photographs!

Over-the-Top Language

Avoid using language or verbiage that talks up your home in an unrealistic manner. For example, don’t claim to have the “best” property in the neighborhood unless you can actually back up that statement with facts. Be creative, but be truthful, and don’t exaggerate your home description.


One of the most important things to consider is the accuracy of the home description. Make sure all room measurements are accurate, and that any claims are verified. For example, don’t claim your home’s carpeting is a year old, when it  is, in fact, three years’ old.

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Rew Lisa

This has been a big pet peeve of mine, particularly lately. I have seen a huge number of listings while working on client sites that have poor quality photos, BLACK AND WHITE photos, photos of messy rooms, photos of the front of homes with so many cars parked in front of it that you can't tell what the house looks like, and listings with no pictures at all. Also, many many listings with the same generic write up that all the other listings that agent has. I don't know how "real estate agents" like that can keep a client, I really don't.

Home Experts Realty

Excellent post Carey! I couldn't agree with you more. Interestingly, I see many Ohio listing agents misspelling words, abbreviating others, none of it good for their clients, and too, many agents only post one picture. I agree about the quality of the photos. We see a lot of bad ones.

With that said, if I was the seller I'd probably be upset.

For those "arm chair buyers" you referenced, they want photos, and lots of them. I also often see a listing agent stretching the truth about things like the number of bedrooms. Buyers don't put up with false information buying a car, much less buying a house. Even First Time Buyers are much more educated about real estate processes than in previous decades, largely thanks to the internet.

Home Experts Realty.

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