Tips for Buying Land


Whether you are buying land for investment purposes or you have plans to build your dream home, Phyllis Frankel Realty Group would like you to know the factors to take into consideration before you begin the hunt for a parcel of land:

  • Zoning – Before you move ahead with any land purchase, it is vital that you first check with the city or county in which the land is located to determine the zoning ordinances associated with the land because they may determine what you can and cannot do with it. In addition, if there is an abundance of acreage near the land you want to purchase, ask the local authorities about zoning ordinances for that land, too, as you don’t likely want to build your dream home next to a shopping mall.
  • Surroundings – The land you want to purchase may be lovely, but the surrounding land may have its downfalls. For example, is it near a farm that could produce unfavorable smells? Does it sit below a direct route for airplanes to get to the city airport? Sights, sounds and smells of any kind should always be taken into consideration.
  • Water – One of the most concerning considerations for buyers of land is the issue of water. If the land is located near a body of water, or if the land was once a swamp, you will need to consider a raised foundation or, at the very least, flood insurance. It is also very helpful to hire the services of a soil tester to determine the condition of the land.
  • Utilities – Utilities are one of the most important considerations for land, yet they are often forgotten until obtaining them becomes a problem. In particular, it is always a good idea to find out how easy or difficult it may be to get utilities to the land and how expensive it may be to do so.

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