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Historic Mansion Preserves History While Providing Modern Amenities

CherryCreekPro posted this 745 Views

Constructed in 1905 and originally known as the McPhee-McGinnity Mansion, the Parkside Mansion offers the charm of the Victorian era while still offering modern amenities and conveniences.  As such, this historic structure serves as a popular choice for those who are planning special events such as weddings and business events. While the Parkside Mansion dates back to 1905, its history can be traced back even further. In 1869, Charles D. McPhee and his wife Angela moved to the city...

Berkeley Real Estate ~ A Neighborhood of Art

CherryCreekPro posted this 826 Views

Berkeley is one of the most charming neighborhoods in the entire metro Denver region. You can find Berkeley homes situated between Sheridan and Federal, running from 38th Avenue to I-70. In addition to the many local conveniences, this is a neighborhood known for its preserved historical structures and taste of Denver’s history. You’ll always have plenty to do when you live in the Berkeley neighborhood. You can enjoy all of the activities and amenities at the Berkeley Lake Park, for examp...

Uptown ~ East Downtown Denver Neighborhood

CherryCreekPro posted this 828 Views

One of the oldest neighborhoods in all of Denver, Uptown is located just to the east of Downtown. You will find Uptown located between Colfax avenue and 20th Street from Broadway Street to York Street. The Uptown real estate district is conveniently located, offering easy access to the rest of Denver. Uptown gives its residents the perfect mixture of both historic charm and the efficiency and conveniences of modern life. The streets are lined with trees, and much of the construction in Up...

Riverfront Park, Denver ~ Contemporary & Convenient

CherryCreekPro posted this 869 Views

If you’re looking for a contemporary neighborhood in the Denver region, look no further than Riverfront Park. This Downtown Denver neighborhood is one of the areas most precious and desirable, not to mention convenient. You'll find Riverfront Park is surrounded by a number of Denver landmarks, including Six Flags Elitch Gardens, Lower Downtown, The Pepsi Center, the Platte River, Commons Park and Coors Field. Everything you might want to get to in the region can be reached within minutes fro...

Lower Downtown Denver ~ "LoDo" Exampliary Urban Development

CherryCreekPro posted this 1,105 Views

The Lower Downtown area of Denver, also known as “LoDo” by locals, can be found from Park Avenue West to Lawrence, and from Speer Boulevard to the South Platte River.  At one time, just a decade or so ago, this area was nearly abandoned. Once Coors Field opened, however, things began to change. There was a renewal in the interest in lofts, and suddenly LoDo became some of the most desirable homes in all of Denver. If you want to not worry about home maintenance or a long commute, LoDo...

Curtis Park Real Estate ~ Prestigious Denver Neighborhoods

CherryCreekPro posted this 915 Views

From Broadway to Downing Street, and from 23rd across to 38th, you’ll find Curtis Park located in one of Denver’s most desired and convenient neighborhoods. Just about 15 minutes away on foot from downtown Denver, this community is active, interesting and diverse. In addition to a quick commute, you’ll find plenty of other amenities contained within Curtis Park property. Curtis Park properties are situated next to Lower Downtown (LoDo to the locals) and to the Coors Field neighborhood kno...

Five Points Real Estate ~ Homes In The Denver Metro

CherryCreekPro posted this 932 Views

The Five Points neighborhood is actually made up of four separate Denver neighborhoods. This area has a truly interesting and rich past, and is a community that looks forward to what the future brings. You can find Five Points real estate at the meeting of 26th Avenue, Welton Street, 27th Street and Washington Street. This neighborhood is located on the East Side of Denver, and is the intersection of the diagonal grid that makes up Downtown and the rectangular grid that makes up the East Den...

Ballpark Real Estate ~ Downtown Denver

CherryCreekPro posted this 1,186 Views

Situated in the vicinity of Coors Field, Ballpark luxury condominiums are some of the most beautiful and most desired homes in the entire region. The neighborhood runs the entire area around Coors Field, from 18th Street to Blake Street, and from Broadway across to the Central Platte Valley rail yards. Centrally located and conveniently accessed, Ballpark luxury condominiums prove to be a great place to live. One thing you’ll immediately notice when you look at Ballpark real estate is the...

Downtown Denver Real Estate ~ Denver Neighborhoods

CherryCreekPro posted this 1,296 Views

Downtown Denver real estate is some of the most interesting and convenient in the entire metro region. You’ll find Downtown real estate between Broadway and Larimer, from Speer Boulevard to 20th Street. This area is home to all of those buildings that make up Denver’s characteristic skyline, and the seat of the metro area’s civic life. The Colorado Convention Center, the Denver Performing Arts Complex and many other important landmarks dot the landscape that makes up Downtown real estate....

Lincoln Park Real Estate ~ Denver Metro Neighborhoods

CherryCreekPro posted this 1,001 Views

One of most beloved and oldest Denver Metro neighborhoods is the Lincoln Park real estate area. This area was originally settled in the late 1850s, by gold prospectors who were hoping to strike it rich. Today, Lincoln Park is rich in history, and is at the same time one of the most forward-looking neighborhoods in the metro Denver region. You can find Lincoln Park to the southwest of downtown Denver. It runs from 6th Avenue to West Colfax Avenue, and from Speer Boulevard to the South Plat...