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Golden Triangle Real Estate ~ Denver Metropolitan Area

CherryCreekPro posted this 987 Views

Just south of the downtown area of Denver you’ll find Denver's Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle  is bordered by three of Denver’s transportation arteries, including Colfax Avenue, Broadway, and Speer Boulevard. This neighborhood is in many ways at the heart of Denver’s artistic and cultural life. Both the Denver Art Museum and the Denver Central Library are found near Golden Triangle real estate. You’ll also find some other interesting sites and destinations, such as the Denver Justic...

Downtown Denver Luxury Condos At The Windsor!

CherryCreekPro posted this 1,197 Views

When you are ready to buy an incredible condo in one of Denver's most convenient Downtown neighborhoods the property you should take a look at resides at The Windsor located at 1777 Larimer St, #1103. This exquisite condo has been renovated to include designer finishes such as Verde Meritaka slab granite tops laid upon fine Maple cabinets. The floors enjoy Kahrs hardwood, tumbled marble, travertine, and Masland carpet. And, the wood burning fireplace is wrapped with fine Rosa Gerona marbl...

Capitol Hill Real Estate ~ Older Neighorhoods In Denver

CherryCreekPro posted this 1,057 Views

Denver is a city with many beautiful and interesting neighborhoods full of elegant homes, and Capital Hill luxury homes are near the top of the list. You’ll find Capitol Hill properties from East Seventh Avenue to Colfax, running from North Broadway to Downing Street. This neighborhood is conveniently located near the center of Denver. Residents enjoy easy access to a number of public transportation options, including Denver’s new light rail system. There are a number of inter...

Baker Real Estate ~ Historic Neighborhoods In Denver

CherryCreekPro posted this 902 Views

Denver is home to a number of Historic Districts, neighborhoods that in many ways define the early days of Denver and of the old West. One of those is the Baker Historic district. You can find Baker real estate from Mississippi across to the Platte River, and from Broadway to 6th Avenue. This is one of the best-preserved and historic neighborhoods in Denver, replete with a historic charm you can’t find many places in the modern world. Baker real estate was first developed in the lat...

Governor's Park Real Estate ~ Guide To Denver Neighborhoods

CherryCreekPro posted this 1,717 Views

Located in Denver from 8th Avenue to Alameda, and from Broadway to Downing Street, you’ll find Governor’s Park, also known as Speer. The neighborhood gets its nickname from the fact that the major Denver transportation artery, Speer Boulevard, goes right through the middle of this neighborhood. The cornerstone of this community is the Governor’s Mansion, located at 400 East 8th Avenue. The Governor's Park real estate area is located right near the center of Denver’...

Montclair Real Estate ~ Historic Denver Neighborhoods

CherryCreekPro posted this 887 Views

Montclair properties are located in one of the many fine historic Denver neighborhoods. You can find Montclair luxury homes from 7th Avenue to 12th Avenue, and from Newport to Pontiac. This is a recognized Historic District, and has a rich and interesting story to tell. The area where you now find Montclair real estate was founded by Baron von Richthofen in 1885. The Baron Richthofen believed that Denver’s residents would greatly benefit by having a refuge from the urban congestion ...

Hale Real Estate ~ Downtown Denver Neighborhoods

CherryCreekPro posted this 1,106 Views

Hale is some of the most dynamic and desirable real estate in the entire Denver metro region. You’ll find everything you need, and Hale real estate is conveniently located within the borders of Colorado Boulevard, 6th Avenue Parkway, East Colfax Avenue and North Holly Street. Hale real estate is next to several other communities with all sorts of interesting amenities and activities, including Hilltop, Crestmoor, Montclair and Park Hill, not to mention downtown Denver neighborhoods. ...

Winston Downs Real Estate ~ Denver's Neighborhoods

CherryCreekPro posted this 735 Views

One of the most beloved and interesting of Denver's neighborhoods has to be the area around Winston Downs. This lovely gem of a neighborhood is located between Monaco Parkway and Quebec Street, going from Alameda Avenue on down to East Exposition Avenue. This neighborhood is conveniently located, and residents of Winston Downs enjoy all of the amenities that the area has to offer. Several retail opportunities surround Winston Downs real estate. The shops an Cherry Creek are only a few min...

Indian Creek Real Estate ~ Denver Metro Cities

CherryCreekPro posted this 703 Views

Indian Creek homes are some of the newest homes in the metro Denver region, at least in the southeast part of Denver. The Indian Creek neighborhood is located near South Quebec Street and East Florida Avenue. This area provides plenty of amenities of its own, and it offers quick and convenient access to the rest of Denver in a heartbeat. People who live in Indian Creek properties come in many types. There are young adults, older families with kids, and even some retired folks. All told, t...

Washington Virginia Vale Real Estate ~ Neighborhoods In Denver

CherryCreekPro posted this 799 Views

Washington Virginia Vale, aka Virginia Vale, began its existence as green pastures full of tall grasses and apple orchards. One of several relatively new neighborhoods in Denver, Virginia Vale started out in the 1950s. You can find this quaint neighborhood between Alameda and Cherry Creek North, from Mississippi to Quebec. It’s conveniently located near major highways in the Denver region, and is only 15 minutes or less to Downtown Denver. Virginia Vale has plenty of amenities of it...