Silverleaf at DC Ranch - Scottsdale


If you are looking for a premier community in Scottsdale, Arizona then you must visit Silverleaf at DC Ranch - it is definitely worth a visit! Richly appointed finishes, award winning architects, large acre+ lots and desert washes that create exceptional privacy are a plentiful site at Silverleaf at DC Ranch. The homes in this area were built in the 2000's and average approx. 8,000 sq.ft. and range in price from $1,000,000 - $15,000,000. It is well known that the Silverleaf area is the one of the most desriable neighborhoods in all of Scottsdale. Please contact us today to view any of the great Silverleaf homes at DC Ranch for sale.


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Cheryl Marcum

Bar none - this neighborhood of Silverleaf is still heads and shoulders above the rest - you want my opinion? I say "SILVERLEAF - SILVERLEAF - SILVERLEAF"!!!

Just saying.

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