This Community Isn't Just Green - It's Slime Lime Green!



The residents of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida are proud of many things and for almost forty years, they have enjoyed their tradition-breaking, easy-to-spot, unforgettable, "slime lime" fire engines.

For safety reasons, fire fighters in Palm Beach Gardens embrace this color of choice for their emergency vehicles. Indeed, it's hard not to notice a huge, brilliant lime truck sharing the road with you. And the color doesn't end with fire trucks - the fire department has even had their hand trucks and emergency backboards painted the same color!

green_firetruck_304Originally, in 1959, Palm Beach Gardens was planned as community that would put more emphasis on nature and be greener than some of its neighbors. Perhaps some of this green thinking has played a part in choosing a color other than red for their fire trucks. In any case, Palm Beach Gardens isn't the only place that chooses a color other than red to paint its fire trucks. Norfolk, Mass. uses black, Chapel Hill, N.C. uses blue and Barberton, Ohio uses purple. Still, as a wise frog once reflected: "It's not easy being green."

While some residents who wish to put a positive spin on this color, call it "Gardens Green," or chartreuse and others yearn for the day when they will find green fire trucks in toy stores, Palm Beach Gardens residents like to be different and are, in general, proud of their fire trucks. And, no - the fire trucks in Palm Beach Gardens do not need to be left out in the sun to ripen!


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