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Calgary’s Luxury Home Market Soars

cmontes posted this 1 730 Views

In just the first six months of 2012, 301 homes have been sold in Calgary for over the $1 million mark, which is up a cool 19% from the first half of 2011. The demand for luxury real estate in Calgary is rising, with listings of 908 homes between January 1st, and June 30th, 2012, which is up from 474 homes in the same time period of 2011. In a recent report, it was found that 6% of $1 million homes have sold for their asking price, and had an average of just 53 days on the market. If you...

Haida Gwaii: West Coast Real Estate Deals

cmontes posted this 1 950 Views

With the summer upon us the city dwellers within Calgary are beginning to turn their investment sights towards the coast in search of their own private piece of paradise. Whether you are a baby boomer searching for that perfect retirement spot this island is currently in an extreme flat market allowing buyers to scoop up land for under $100,000. If you are unfamiliar with Haida Gwaii it is a very scenic island located on the northern corner of British Columbia. Here you can find older 4 ...

Mortgage Debt Warnings for Canadians

cmontes posted this 2 795 Views

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) is the regulator of all Canadian banks and they have recently announced they will be implementing stricter rules and regulations when it comes to obtaining a mortgage in any province. As you can imagine this is going to have a major effect on the housing industry of the country and especially the growing real estate market of Calgary.  The OSFI and the Department of Finance have been warning Canadians about rising rates and ch...

Decline in Canadian Home Prices

cmontes posted this 584 Views

CREA (The Canadian Real Estate Association) released the official housing numbers this week, showing a combination of a decline in housing prices across the country but also a rise in sales with Toronto, Edmonton and Calgary leading the pack. The statement they released showed that housing prices across the country were down 0.5% than the same time last year. This means that across the entire country, the average home price is $369,677. Of course this number cannot be used as a benchmark in ...

Shift in Calgary’s Homeless Foundation Structure

cmontes posted this 2 778 Views

This summer, the CEO of the Homeless Foundation in Calgary will be leaving. To quickly clarify, he is not leaving to retire or leave the industry but instead to take his 10 year plan to end homelessness in Calgary and spread it across the country with a new organization; Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness. Tim Richter has made a real difference in the city of Calgary and his efforts and that of his organization have spread throughout the province of Alberta thanks to the support of Mayors...

Calgary’s East Village Condominium Project

cmontes posted this 2 899 Views

If you haven’t yet heard of this massive condominium project set to take place in the East Village of Calgary, allow us to provide you the details. Plans are quickly moving forward for at least two massive high raise condo complexes to be built in the East Village. The sale office is now open for each of these projects and the first building to be constructed is actually named “First” is proposed to have 18stories and 191 units to choose from. Many of these units will be taking advantage of ...

The Economic Future of Calgary Looks Promising

cmontes posted this 624 Views

After a three-year lull, global energy prices have started rising. The future of Calgary’s oil sands now looks rosy. However, as the city buzzes in activity, industry players are bracing themselves for the worst. The twin forces that wreaked havoc in the last boom; severe labor shortages and rising costs, are likely to crop up again. Already, the number of hired workers is just five percent above the highest level before the recession. Declining Unemployment Rate The conference Board ...

Calgary’s Indoor Park – Devonian Gardens

cmontes posted this 1,229 Views

For those of you out there looking for something different and new to experience this summer in the heart of downtown Calgary, consider Devonian Gardens. This 2.5acre completely enclosed roof garden has the capacity to hold over 20,000 different species of plants and trees! It is truly one of the gems within Calgary that can’t be missed. You certainly don’t have to be a green thumb in order to appreciate the beauty of a full mile walk through lush greenery and tropical plants you may hav...

Ramsay Community Association Partners with Natural Step Canada for Community Makeover

cmontes posted this 958 Views

Every town and city has a story to tell, a history of communities that came together to make it what it is.  Unfortunately over time these communities can fall into decline because of all the threats posed by an unsure economy.  Communities that had once bustled with life slowly die as many people move away seeking those proverbial greener pastures, but on occasion benefactors will step in to breathe new life into an old neighborhood and give a new definition to the word community as it is a...

7500 Calgary Residents Seeing Green

cmontes posted this 689 Views

Residents of Abbeydale, Brentwood, Cougar Ridge and Southwood will begin receiving green carts as part of a year long composting pilot in Calgary, Alberta. The project is expected to be implemented city wide in the 2015-2017 budget cycle. The green bins will be similar to the blue and black garbage bins but only half the size with only 120-litre capacity. Residents will also be receiving a kitchen pail, compostable liner bags, paper bags for yard waste and an instructional manual. Coll...