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Haida Gwaii: West Coast Real Estate Deals

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With the summer upon us the city dwellers within Calgary are beginning to turn their investment sights towards the coast in search of their own private piece of paradise. Whether you are a baby boomer searching for that perfect retirement spot this island is currently in an extreme flat market allowing buyers to scoop up land for under $100,000. If you are unfamiliar with Haida Gwaii it is a very scenic island located on the northern corner of British Columbia. Here you can find older 4 ...

Calgary’s East Village Condominium Project

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If you haven’t yet heard of this massive condominium project set to take place in the East Village of Calgary, allow us to provide you the details. Plans are quickly moving forward for at least two massive high raise condo complexes to be built in the East Village. The sale office is now open for each of these projects and the first building to be constructed is actually named “First” is proposed to have 18stories and 191 units to choose from. Many of these units will be taking advantage of ...

Calgary's Economic Growth and Real Estate Market

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A recently published study by the Brookings Institution gives Calgary a special honor of sorts. Calgary was rated the top Canadian city for growth in economic output per capita. This study separates Calgary from other Canadian cities and serves to recognize the city’s hard work and dedication to maintaining economic stability and growth. This is a welcome story for prospective real estate buyers and sellers in the Calgary area. Calgary real estate can only serve to benefit from a laudato...

Using a Walkability Score to Choose a Home

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Whenever you’re in the market for a new home, there are compromises that need to be made between what kinds of features you want in and around a home and what kind are actually available in the homes that you can afford. One element of home buying that is often easily overlooked is that of features outside the home in the surrounding community. Sure, we all like to consider how close the local schools are to a prospective home, but what about the proximity of stores, public transit, ...