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For those of you out there looking for something different and new to experience this summer in the heart of downtown Calgary, consider Devonian Gardens. This 2.5acre completely enclosed roof garden has the capacity to hold over 20,000 different species of plants and trees! It is truly one of the gems within Calgary that can’t be missed. You certainly don’t have to be a green thumb in order to appreciate the beauty of a full mile walk through lush greenery and tropical plants you may have never even seen before!

Now that we have you interested, you should know this attraction has been closed for the past 3 years in order to renovate and revamp their operation. It will be opening this summer, 2012 and will be crawling with very curious spectators; it is definitely one of the hot attractions of this coming summer. As one of the largest indoor parks in the world you may not be surprised to learn that this venue is very popular for hosting weddings and many other types of functions. It is so different that even business luncheons and formal get togethers want to book here for the sheer unique atmosphere.

Located in Toronto Dominion Square on top of the Toronto Dominion Centre it is almost impossible to miss. Now, not only does this indoor park offer the most breathtaking landscape, but it also offers eye popping water features and ponds as well. Within these ponds you will find hoards of Koi and trout but more special than this you will see turtles. The Devonian Gardens houses over 40 Red Ear Slider turtles for spectators to observe in a very natural habitat.

In terms of things to do this indoor park has been sectioned off into a few different areas including:

  • Quiet Garden
  • Sun Garden
  • Creek Bed
  • Reflecting Pond
  • Devonian Gardens Playground

The sun garden area is the most popular for wedding photos and formal gatherings of any kind. The staff working within the Devonian Gardens actually changes the floral arrangements 18 times per year! This is quite amazing once you see for yourself how much time, effort and planning goes into each and every one of these displays. What this means for you is that you can go several times a year and see something different each and every time. During fall and Christmas the arrangements are then changed again to coordinate with these beautiful seasons.

Pay close attention to the opening date this summer and don’t wait to come and see what are sure to be amazing renovations and upgrades to an already breathtaking attraction of Calgary.

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