The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging for Real Estate Business Owners--Part 1


I've been guest blogging for 5 months now and within that period, I've written over a 100 to 150 guest posts with many of them featured on top blogs in my niche. Some of my guest posts were written solely for generating quality backlinks to my blog pages and while some were written to drive traffic and subscribers.

Guest blogging is a core part of my marketing strategy. It is how I get clients to my content and guest blogging business; it's how I build relationships with the top bloggers in my niche, and it's how I grow my email list. Some of my guest posts have brought in hundred of subscribers and while some, brought me little to no traffic but within six months, 'they' placed in a good spot on the search engines.

To say I haven't learnt anything from guest blogging is a lie and to say I've not gotten results from guest blogging will be an even greater lie. I heard about guest blogging last year and since then, it has been the only marketing and link-building tool I use to drive traffic and quality backlinks to my site.

I've also written over 100 guest posts for some of my clients and I've been opportune to work with clients in the account niche, mortgage niche, internet marketing niche, health niche, and the relationship niche.

My business is where it is today because of guest blogging. Just recently, I won a writing gig to be a staff contributor to and Blogging Tips. If I'd not been guest blogging I guess I wouldn't have gotten this offer.

You may be wondering, ''Why is this guy saying all this''? Well, the reason why I'm saying this, is to let you know the importance of guest blogging and how it can improve your real estate business.

If you're a real estate broker or involved in a real estate business, you should be guest blogging. I'm not in the mood to preach or convince you to guest blog; I’m only advising you on the things that can grow your business.

This post is a complete guide that will guide you on how to go about guest blogging

What is guest blogging?

If a two year old walks up to you and ask this question, what would you say?

Ok. Back to you-- I'm asking ''YOU'', what is guest blogging?


I can't believe my eyes. So, are you telling me that none of you can define guest blogging?

(Just kidding; please, don't take it personally.)

If you think I'm going to define guest blogging with my academic proficiencies then sorry, I'm going to disappoint you. As a freelance writer, I believe everything online should be simplified.

Guest blogging is an epistle. It is the act of writing for another blog with the hope of getting traffic, gaining exposure, getting backlinks and building relationships.

Can I use guest blogging as a real estate broker?

Most people think guest blogging is only effective in the ''Make money online'' niche but it is also effective in other niches. In fact, I guest blog for a client in the ''Personal Development Niche''.

Anybody can use guest blogging in any niche; it doesn't matter if it is in the real estate, sex and dating, accounting, finance, or investment niche. As long as there are blogs that accept quality guest post within your niche--- guest blogging is possible.

Benefits of Guest blogging

  • Build backlinks:

Guest blogging is the best, easiest, and most effective way to build quality and authoritative backlinks to your real estate blog.

For this reason, some of my guest posts are ranking high on the top page of Google and there are times when my some of my guest posts get indexed by the search engine spiders within 5 hours of publication. Guest blogging is definitely the most reliable and effective way to build authority backlinks to your blog.

  • To gain exposure
  • It helps build your writing skills
  • Free traffic to your blog
  • Build relationship with other bloggers:

Guest blogging made it possible for me to connect with other top professionals in my industry but it wouldn't have been possible if I wasn’t aware about guest blogging.

As a real estate broker or agent, guest blogging is a great way to connect with existing prospects, reach out to new ones, generate leads, build relationship with other professionals in your field and get to know how the top real estate ‘guys’ run their blogs.

  • Gain credibility
  • Gain subscribers

How to find great guest posting opportunities in the Real Estate niche


Technorati is one of the largest blog directories on the web today.

It is a good and effective way to find blogs that accept guest posts in the real estate niche.

Google Blog search

Another way to find blogs that accept guest post in your niche is by making use of the Google blog search engine.

All you need to do is to type the name of your niche and once you've found a list of some top real estate blogs, contact them if they accept guest posts.


I love this platform because it helps me find blogs that accept guest posts.

Alltop is a directory that has links to almost any blogs and the beautiful thing about it is that, it has links to thousands of top blogs and it doesn't just accept any blogs (Their blog requirements are very high.)

My Blog guest

My blog guest is one of the largest and in fact, the best guest blogging community on planet earth. It has over 10,000 members and many features that make guest blogging easy and effective.

Search engine

Trust me. I can't escape Mother Google and Yahoo. They won't go on a date with me if I don't mention them (just kidding). Search engines are one of the best ways to find blogs in your niche; all you just need to do is use some guest blogging phrases to find blogs that accept guest posts.

Having published over a 100 guest posts in the last four months with some of my posts featured on Pickthebrain,, Shoemoney, and Blogging tips; here are some key phrases I use to find blogs that accept guest post in any niche.

Here are some few search queries to search for blogs that accept guest posts in the real estate niche:

''Real estate + Submit post''

''Real estate niche+ Guest posting''

''Real estate + guest article''

''Real estate + write for us''

''Real estate + looking for contributors''

''Real estate+ submit an article''

Platforms you can use to produce guest post content in the real estate niche

Many people call me a writing machine whenever they hear I wrote over 100 guest posts in 4 months. Even though Ideas naturally come to me; I also have some resources I use whenever I am stuck with Ideas and I'll be giving you some of these top resources below:

1. Yahoo Answer

How many of you would like your questions answered?

Oh! I can see your hands in the air.

1, 2, 3. Oh 15! That is good.

Yahoo answer is one of the largest and in fact, the best Q and A platforms on the web today.

It is one of the most effective tools I use to create guest post ideas. The reason why it's an effective platform to get guest post Ideas is because, it is full of questions people want answered.

Here's how to go about it:

Search through it effectively and note common questions people ask in your niche. Copy the question and answer it with a blog post. By doing this, you will increase the chances of your guest post getting more traffic in the long run.

2. Blog comments

Another way to get guest post or blog ideas is by taking a look at the comment section of the top blogs in your niche to see what questions are being asked-- this will give you more than enough ideas to write about.

Pro tip: You can search through the blog archives or browse through the recent comments on the blog.

3. Forums

This is a potential content generation hub and one of the ways I get blog post ideas within minutes. All you need to do is to browse through the threads to see what people want to know about.

Pro tip: Use your ideas to come up with guest or blog posts.

4. Check out the top blogs in your Industry

Whenever I'm stuck of blog or guest post Ideas, what I do is to visit some of the top blogs in my niche

( Copyblogger, Smartpassiveincome, and Michelfortin), I'll then check out their archives or sidebar to see which posts are the most popular. These actions alone give me more than enough 10 guest post ideas.

If you're looking to guest post on a top real estate blog, try this strategy and you'll be glad you did.

There are many ways to get guest post Ideas but the above are one of the best ways.

You're not going to get results if you sit down there and say '' Ok. I love this post but I'll be starting my guest blogging campaign next month''. The best way to ensure you get results with these tips is to apply them. If you're a real estate broker or agent, start guest posting or hire an experienced guest blogger.

Let me help you grow your business

It doesn't matter if you're a real estate broker, SEO agency, a business owner, marketing consultant, established real estate firm; I can help you drive quality backlinks to your blog pages, generate traffic, drive more prospects and get you a good spot on the search engines with my guest blogging skills.

I've written and published over 100 guest posts on top authority blogs in my niche and I can help you do the same if you HIRE ME!


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