The Key to a Happy Retirement, Are You Ready For It?


Can you handle the secret to a happy retirement? Are you ready for it? The key I would like to share on how to retire happy is a simple one and it is staring everyone of us in the face. Never retiring is the secret to a happy retirement!

You weren't mistaken, you didn’t read that wrong. And also no, I'm not being outrageous. To achieve true happiness, I am saying that you should never ever retire. But hold on, isn’t there a catch? There is always a catch, of course.

You will not ever want to stop when you love what you are doing because it fulfills your goal in life. This is the fine print. Quitting your career to go fishing would not even come across your mind. In reality is, you'll find it really difficult to even think about what life will be like without waking up each day and going to “work” to fulfill your mission in life.

I have found another interesting thing about trying to find and serving your life’s goal. As soon as you find what you love and use that pursuit to help others, abundance finds you and allows you to grow and expand your mission. How amazing is that?

Toiling away at a career day in, day out you simply took as a means to an end will certainly no longer be your existence. Getting out of your bed each and every morning is much easier because you have already got the reason and drive. No longer will you need to daydream about that imaginary “someday” when you're able to retire happy and do what you want to do every single day.

You can enjoy and live life at this moment instead. There is no need to retire from whatever when you accomplish that. Similar to the Energizer bunny, you will keep on going, and going, and going.

The secret to being happily retired takes a little work. Getting and wanting it to physically happen requires you to improve your way of thinking. Then again here’s another secret, accomplishing both of those ideas isn't as hard as you have been taught to believe.

What you must do to start with is to change your mindset proactively from working for wages to working for a purpose, and by understanding this in your heart, you'll find abundant delight altogether with monetary abundance. Creating a passive, residual income that will take care of your living expense is what you should do next. Here’s a good idea: Investing in real-estate will give you exactly that. Lastly, use that additional free time to begin with fulfilling your life purpose and living life at this moment. If you think about it, those who are living for someday as opposed to living life to the fullest at this time is merely the idea of happy retirement, nothing more, nothing less.

About the Author:

Darwin Feldman is a real estate investor from Los Angeles, CA. He loves to cook on his spare time, listen to music, blogging, and helping out folks to achieve a happy retirement. He is currently single, but he's always ready to mingle. He also has two lovable boston terriers. More retirement and creating wealth articles at How to Retire Plan


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