Tips To Ready Your House For Sale


It can be frustrating knowing where to start when you are going to put your home up for sale, it is certainly not straightforward knowing which areas you need to deal with. The most important thing to consider when selling is getting it ready. Here are some hints on how to prep your house and turn it into a competitive home.

Stand in front of your home and look at it; this is the first glimpse of your house a visitor is going to see. Try to look at your home from the buyer’s mindset. If you can't be dispassionate then ask a friend or colleague to give you an honest opinion

As the potential buyer turns up at the property it is the first picture they will have, so make the most of it. If you have a lawn at the front of the house, make sure it is cut down, the edges are trimmed and it looks nice. Place potted flowers near the doors to make a feature of them, any weeds need to be disposed of, litter tidied up, children's toys put away and any mess from animals cleaned up. Look at the path, walls and patio for broken bits and crumbling. Use this as an excuse to fix or replace those faults, not only on the external areas but the interior as well; don't forget the roof and drains. The front door is an important feature of the property this is where buyers are going to enter, so make sure it is clean and in a worthwhile state of repair; same with the windows.

Make the rooms of your home look more spacious and brighter by removing clutter and making sure the rooms are clean. Try not to have too many personal photos on the sides, as they can distract viewers. Wash out and tidy kitchen cupboards, throw away items that are no longer used and make sure everything is stacked neatly. If possible put stronger light bulbs in, so your property doesn't look dark, a nice lamp switched on can also help with this.

Let the viewer enter a room first, introduce them to the room but shy away from telling them what the room could be used for; let them make up their own mind. Everywhere has to be neat and tidy — particularly kitchen appliances, so do not forget to scrub the oven, stove, refrigerator, et cetera. Also make sure that none of your appliances are running when showing your house; the buzzing sound may be too annoying to visitors. Fresh flowers in a nice bowl brightens up a room and makes it smell nice. Items that are hardly used need to be put away, again giving the feeling of space. After all a viewer doesn't want to see all your old kitchen pieces, they want to see a spacious and welcoming room.

Don't forget about the windows, not only do you want to make sure they are not dirty, but you also have to make sure they are in good working condition with no cracks in the glass. The bathroom is another extremely important room of the property, make sure it is clean, change the shower curtain, take up any carpet mats, put out clean towels and dispose of any empty containers. A fresh coat of paint in every room doesn't have to be costly, buy a cheap brand in a natural colour and use it throughout the house to give a clean, fresh feel.. And don't forget the basic truth - not only luxury houses are supposed to look luxurious!.


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