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If you're traveling the Lone Star State, you'll discover a small suburb around 30 miles west of downtown Houston-called Katy Texas. In fact, you may decide to make Katy your home after soon realizing that this town has so much to offer. Named as one of the top ten places for optimal growth in 2009-Katy,Texas offers modern day amenities while capturing that small town appeal. Katy,Texas homes can be found in two areas of town; the city limits referred to as “Old Katy”, and the newer Katy referred to as the “Katy Area”. The Katy Area consists of unincorporated counties situated Southeast of Old Katy. Whether you decide to look for your next home in Old Katy or the Katy Area, you'll want to have the perfect realtor in your corner. With Katy Real Estate in the ring, you can take your pick. Click here to view Katy Texas homes on my website.

Katy,Texas is no longer a land of vast prairies. If you arrived in the late 1800's, you wouldn't have found much except long stretches of prairies, herds of buffalo, and Indian tribes. Times have changed over the past 145 years. The railroad that once passed through Katy has come and gone. Today Katy, Texas homes can be seen in the many suburbs that surround the Houston area. If you prefer the small town appeal, then perhaps you would prefer Old Katy with a population of just over 12,000. The surrounding suburbs of Katy make up the rest of the growing towns population . Katy, Texas homes have a median house value of just over 95,000. The price range may vary according to your specific needs. Contacting Katy Real Estate will put you on the right path towards finding your dream home.

For those of you who prefer a warmer climate, then perhaps you should consider settling down in Katy, Texas. With temperatures that don't fall below freezing, you'll enjoy the comfortable weather of Katy, Texas. Homes in Katy, Texas range from simple ranch style homes to more glamorous homes, depending on your style preference and budget. Searching for your new home can be overwhelming. With so many homes to choose from in Katy, you can take your pick. The first step is to decide where you want to reside in Katy. Katy Real Estate can help you narrow down your choices. After all, When purchasing a home in Katy, Texas you'll want to take your time. Why rush a life time commitment? Now that you've found the idea realtor, it's time to get started. Finding your Katy, Texas home will be a rewarding adventure for you and Katy Real Estate!

Katy Texas Homes

David Bell, Coldwell Banker United Realtor, works in Katy and specializes in Katy Real Estate, Cinco Ranch Real Estate, and Falcon Point Homes. View his site at jdavidbell.com!


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