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Hip East Austin Space Available for lease for Real Estate or Real Estate related business.

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The 1634 Building is being offered as a real estate business office co-op.   It's high style professional environment to meet clients, transact business and create synergy with other entrepreneurs. The 1634 Building is a place where small brokers, high production real estate agents, and real estate related businesses can office just 7 blocks East of the Central Business District.    This is environment is an excellent alternative to working out of your home without the c...

2nd Wave of Foreclosures on the way? How is Austin, TX impacted?

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For those of you who didnt see the 60 minutes story last sunday -- or those of you who recorded it but only got the first half ( due to the football game) --- you must see this story.  60 minutes: 2nd Wave of Foreclosures coming Austin had a low number of subprime mortgages-- so we wont suffer the same as other markets.  But if we are just halfway through this giant mess--- Austin sellers will suffer because the buyers are going to have a really hard time getting loans.  ...

For Sale By Owner Now allowed on

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Recently, announced that their listings will now be on Our dues go to support NAR?  NAR is supposed to be an organization designed to support realtors.  The site belongs to NAR.  (as well as any other site with MLS in the listing) Our listings feed the content of  Many realtors link to (those that don’t know any better).  Those inks help the search engine rankings of ...


How to Buy in Central Austin home without blowing the budget?

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Central Austin is really the one of the most expensive area’s to buy a home in Austin.   Downtown Austin is one of the most exciting areas of town.   I wanted to move there just to shop at Whole Foods Market on a daily basis.                        The above photo is a duplex that has been converted in...