Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World


It's been a while since I posted anything here but the new SEO contest Greatest Real Estate Agent in the World that was the idea of Eric Bramlett in Austin, TX. and with Morgan Carey generous enough to offer a free website with life time hosting I decided it was time to get back here and write an article. Hopefully this will get me in the habit of writing more.

This contest started out as a fun little experiment in SEO for an uncommon keyword phrase that would not affect anyone negatively and would just be a learning experience. It has taken on a more serious tone with Morgan's offering of the website, Eric offering 10 free articles and Tony Sena of Wannanetwork is offering 1 year of advertising.

Since official entries must use do-follow the Current the top 4 contestants are;

  1. Ryan Ward
  2. Justin Smith - Although he has withdrawn from the contest
  3. Eric Bramlett
  4. Tony Sena

So far the contest that will end May 1, 2008 is only a few days into it and already some emotions are running high. I won't get involved in that part of it, but if you do a little search you will see what I'm talking about.

Hey, I'm just here for FUN :)


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